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Southeast Asia Planning Community of Practice: Technical Workshop on Alignment and Coordination between National-Subnational Development Planning - Part 2

December 10-12, 2019

Bohol, Philippines

  • Coordination and alignment between national and sub-national planning has again been selected as the theme of the upcoming PCoP Workshop, scheduled for December 10-12, 2019. The last PCoP workshop held in Manila in May focused on this issue but the discussion centered on spatial planning as the nexus between national and sub-national planning. In this workshop, there will be an opportunity to drill down further by having a sharper focus on institutional aspects of national/sub-national coordination and alignment. This means looking at the integration of national and local plans as well as the institutional arrangements (e.g. inter-agency coordination, fiscal transfers, decentralization) and functions (e.g. planning-budgeting linkages and monitoring, citizen consultation mechanisms, capacity building in data analytics to complement M&E).

    The reason for the focus on institutional aspects is that institutions have an important role to play in the design and operationalization of the policy interventions if the desired development outcomes are to be achieved. Furthermore, discussions on institutional issues seem limited when compared to discussions around the policy making (e.g. growth, sustainability, inclusiveness), even though the role of government and its apparatus is vital.

    The objective of the workshop is to deepen the exchanges and discussions, and hopefully find some common solutions in addressing the alignment and coordination issue. This will be done by examining what is being /has been done globally and regionally to achieve better policy outcomes through national-sub-national coordination, as well as the lessons learned. It will involve presentations and technical inputs from World Bank experts, interactive sessions and group discussions. At the end of the workshop, participants can expect to have a better appreciation of the lessons learned and experience from other countries within the region, as well as the international perspectives on how alignment and coordination can be strengthened.

  • Day 1: December 10



    8:30 – 9:00am


    9.00– 9.20am

    Welcome Remarks

    -        Under Secretary Rosemarie G. Edillon, NEDA

    -        Representative of the World Bank

    9:20 – 9:50


    ·       Icebreaker

    ·       About the Workshop Theme, Objectives and Agenda

    Deryck Brown and Jeevakumar, PCoP Coordinating Team, World Bank



    Regional Economic Outlook

    Presenter: Kevin Chua, MTI, World Bank

    10.30 – 10.45am

    Coffee Break

    10.45 – 12.30pm

    Coordination of National and Sub-National Spatial Planning: Important Concepts and Issues Around Governance and Planning Systems

    Presenter: Dr. Conor Norton, Vice-President, Irish Planning Institute


    National-Subnational Planning Linkages

    Presenter: Serdar Yilmaz, Lead Public Sector Specialist, World Bank


    Table Discussions

    Moderated by WB with the participation from country teams. Discussion centered on the earlier presentations and previous workshop

    Facilitators: Serdar, Deryck, Jeeva

    12.00 – 1.30pm

    Lunch – (Suggestion for lunch-time speaker from NEDA or DBM on the implications of the Mandanas Ruling

    1.30 – 2.30pm

    Subnational Planning: Balancing Political and Technical Considerations: Lessons from the region

    Presenter: Zubair Bhatti, Senior Public Sector Specialist;

    Discussant: Country Delegate

    2.30 – 3.00pm

    Coffee Break

    3.00 – 4.30pm

    Integration of Spatial Planning, Sectoral Planning and Infrastructural Investment at National and Sub-National Level:  Ireland's Project 2040 - Presenter: Dr. Conor Norton, Vice-President, Irish Planning Institute

    Day 2: December 11



    8.30 – 8.45am

    Recap of Day 1

    World Bank

    8.45 – 11.30pm

    Case Study on the Philippines

    Group discussion

    Facilitator: World Bank and Experts

    12.00 – 1.00pm



    Departure from case study venue for field visit

    1.00 – 5.00pm

    Field Visit + Panel Discussion Involving Policy Practitioners in The Subnational Government

    Panel moderator: tbc

    Day 3: December 12



    8.30 – 8.45am

    Recap of Day 2

    World Bank

    8.45 – 10.30am

    -        Country team presentation:  lightning talk format (15 minutes each)

    -        Summary from WB and Experts


    PCoP Steering Committee Meeting – For SC members only

    12.00 – 1.00pm


    1.00pm – 3.00pm

    Working Discussions - WB