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Transparency, Reproducibility, and Credibility: A Research Symposium

September 10, 2019

MC 2-800

  • This DIME event will be held at the World Bank in Washington D.C. It will be a research-oriented symposium focusing on practical application of methods for transparency, reproducibility and credibility in economics research. The event is collaboratively organized by DIME, 3ie, BITSS (CEGA), IPA, and J-PAL. 

    These organizations will lead discussions focused on their own successes and challenges in adapting research products to respond to these challenges using tools like funding arrangements, IRB requirements, and quality control in research and publication. Researchers and practitioners will participate in discussion-oriented panel talks about how the transparency agenda impacts their work and how to improve expectations and practices as a discipline. These discussions will focus on coming to a common understanding of research reproducibility; setting expectations for balancing open data and privacy; and moving towards practical steps for research to improve credibility and transparency without imposing undue burdens on researchers. 


  • 9:00-9:30am



    Opening Remarks             Florence Kondylis (World Bank)

    9:45am –12:00pm

    Lightning Talks: 
    Success and challenges in making research reproducible International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)
    Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS)
    Development Impact Evaluation (DIME)
    Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)
    Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (JPAL)

    12:15 – 1:00pm

    Keynote Luncheon
    Keynote Speaker: Ted Miguel (University of California – Berkeley/BITSS)

    1:00 – 2:00pm

    Panel 1: What do we mean by reproducibility?
    Moderator: Florence Kondylis (World Bank)

    Lorena Barba (George Washington University)
    Owen Ozier (World Bank)
    Thu-Mai Lewis Christian (Odum Institute for Research in Social Science)

    2:00 – 2:15pm

    Coffee Break

    2:15 – 3:15pm

    Panel 2: How to balance open data and privacy?

    Moderator: Olivier Dupriez

    Simson Garfinkel (US Census Bureau)
    Merce Crosas (Harvard University)
    Anja Sautmann (JPAL)

    3:15 – 3:30pm

    Coffee Break



    Panel 3: Practical steps to credibility and transparency in research: who should do what?

    Moderator: Garret Christenson (US Census Burreau)

    Lars Vilhuber (Cornell University / American Economics Association)
    Marie Gaarder (3ie)
    Guadalupe Bedoya (World Bank)


    Closing Remarks & Discussion

  • DIME is a World Bank-wide program to generate knowledge on the effectiveness of development policies. Working across 18 thematic areas, DIME collaborates with 300 agencies in 72 countries to improve the effectiveness of policies and programs and strengthen country capacity for real-time evidence-based policy-making. More »