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Workshop on Legal Aspects of Governance and Asset Management co-hosted by Bank of Albania

July 15-19, 2019



2019 Conference and Workshop Program
Reserves Advisory & Management Program (RAMP)

  • GOAL

    Deepen investment decision makers’ and in-house legal counsels’ understanding of the legal relationships underpinning financial transactions and services and the standard market conventions for investment-related contracts. The course will be taught by World Bank Treasury corporate finance lawyers and practitioners who will provide a legal and operational perspective on relevant issues.


    This workshop will provide legal technical assistance on the main contractual, regulatory, documentation and governance issues relating to investment managers’ engagements with external partners and counterparties.


    • The role of, selection process for, and key contractual principles of engaging private sector custodians and external asset managers
    • Institutional and regulatory set-up of the futures market and the key legal principles of trading futures and engaging a clearing broker
    • Key legal characteristics of investing in commingled vehicles (funds)
    • Legal principles underlying standard industry agreements for repo, swaps and mortgage-backed securities
    • Protections available to central bank assets in certain jurisdictions
    • Effective use of outside and in-house counsel
    • Scope of the World Bank legal advisory services provided to RAMP clients


    This course is best suited for lawyers responsible for supporting reserves management and treasury operations and senior investment managers.

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