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Workshop on Investing in Chinese Financial Markets

February 25-March 01, 2019

Washington, DC


2019 Conference and Workshop Program
Reserves Advisory & Management Program (RAMP)

  • GOAL

    Provide participants with a platform to discuss issues and share knowledge on how to invest in China’s financial markets with a focus on reserves management implications and considerations.


    The forum will open the discussion on fundamental elements of investing in China such as economic outlook, financial market developments, prudential management of central bank balance sheet and challenges in reserves management. The focus will be devoted to knowledge sharing and discussions among participants and experts on investment in China in terms of asset allocation, risk management, portfolio management, settlement and legal aspects. The program comprises presentations, round tables and group discussions.


    • Internationalization of RMB and its implications on reserves management
    • Outlook and investment environment of China’s financial markets
    • Strategic asset allocation
    • Risk and portfolio management in China’s financial markets
    • Operational considerations
    • Roundtable on experience in China’s bond market and the interbank FX market


    This course is best suited for heads of reserves management and specialists currently involved in managing a RMB portfolio or considering adding RMB to their portfolio.

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