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World Bank Launches Lebanon's Youth Advisory Group

July 01, 2018-June 30, 2019



The program is expected to start on July 1, 2018 until June 30, 2019.

  • The World Bank Lebanon Country Office is establishing the “Lebanon Youth Advisory Group” (YAG) and is seeking interested youth to apply.

    One of the main objective of the Lebanon YAG is to engage youth in continuous dialogue with Bank Staff and provide comments to World Bank-supported programs and activities. This voluntary advisory group, composed of 20-25 young men and women from diverse backgrounds, would create a pathway for youth to participate and engage in policy discussion and communicate their concerns.

    YAGs are hoped to enhance the effectiveness of World Bank operations and empower youth by engaging them in the decision-making process. Apart from the mutual learning gained both by the Bank and the youth, the main positive impact it had on the ongoing World Bank-supported projects were the “young, fresh and innovative” ideas and viewpoints these youths had. It helped strengthen project design with youth “reality check” incorporated.


  • Selected youth would take part in the following proposed activities:

    • Acquire comments, feedback and inputs to WBG-supported interventions, including at design, implementation, and evaluation stages;
    • Acquire comments on WBG strategic documents, such as the Country Partnership Frameworks (CPF) and other sectoral strategies;
    • Organize youth consultations roundtables on selected issues of national or regional significance;
    • Invite youth to attend conferences and events organized by the WBG;
    • Obtain youth perceptions related to the WBG image and its development effectiveness in the respective country, regionally, and globally;
    • Use of the abovementioned platforms by WBG staff to raise awareness of the WBG vision and work globally, regionally, and in the respective countries.

    The selected youth will also be given the opportunity to identify and propose additional activities they would like to be involved in or lead to ensure ownership and commitment.


  • Candidates must fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

    • Lebanese, aged between 20 and 35 years;
    • Committed and must allocate sufficient time to participate in this program on a voluntary basis – please note that selection in this group does not mean you are an employee of the World Bank Group;
    • Proof of civic service engagement (such as member of a youth group or an NGO working with youth for at least 6 months within the last two years);
    • Experienced in working with or amongst young people;
    • Interest in development topics;
    • Critical and reflective attitude;
    • Proficiency of English is a must, at least in reading (speaking and writing would be a plus).


  • To apply, please send a complete application by June 24, 2018 by email to:

    Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
    The application could be sent in English, Arabic or French and should include: CV & Interest letter answering the following questions (no more than 2-pages - maximum 1,000 words):

    • What do you know about the World Bank Group?
    • Why do you want to join the World Bank Group Lebanon “Youth Advisory Group”?
    • What makes you the best candidate to select for this group? What do you believe you could contribute?
    • How committed are you to volunteer your spare time to join the activities organized for this group? How many hours per week, on average, are you willing to dedicate for this program?
    • Have you participated in any volunteering activities or lead/been a core member of a NGO in Lebanon or abroad? If yes, please describe the activities, your roles/responsibilities and achievements.
    • Finally, what is your expectation from this group?