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Organizational Knowledge Sharing Certificate Program 2
June 5-9, 2017Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South East Asia, Bangkok University

The World Bank, in partnership with the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation South East Asia (IKI-SEA), is offering two Organizational Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Training Programs for development practitioners in both the public and private sectors. These innovative OKS programs are aimed at building the capacity of World Bank clients and other public sector institutions and private organizations to improve effectiveness and service delivery by more systematically documenting, sharing and using their operational experience

This offering reflects an increasing awareness that knowledge and knowledge sharing are key drivers of development. It is built on the recognition that development solutions can often be found in the experience and knowledge of client and partner institutions themselves, rather than have to come from outside. However, our clients are often not equipped to systematically document and make use of their knowledge and solutions. Capacity gaps in this area can have dramatic impacts on the effective implementation of projects, programs and policies - and on the scaling up of solutions.

Training Programs

Strategy Certificate: Organizational Knowledge Sharing Certificate Program 1
Dates: April 24-28, 2017

Technical Certificate: Organizational Knowledge Sharing Certificate Program 2
Dates: June 5 to 9, 2017

The two training programs are based on the organizational knowledge sharing framework developed by the World Bank and its two pillars:

  1. Strengthening the enabling environment for knowledge sharing to thrive
  2. Strengthening technical cross-cutting skills to allow for high-quality knowledge sharing and learning

To learn more about these certificates, please visit the Open Knowledge Certificate website. To secure participation, participants are requested to kindly complete the registration form no later than March 20, 2017. Seating is limited to 25 participants per program.

For both programs please download agenda here.

Technical Certificate: Organizational Knowledge Sharing Certificate Program 2
Dates: June 5-9, 2017

This workshop integrates the next elements of a suite of technical assistance offerings to address capacity gaps, namely a module on the how-to of knowledge capturing; a framework and process to design knowledge sharing programs and activities; and some fundamentals on learning design.

The learning objectives are:
1. Understand and apply the key techniques in organizational knowledge sharing
2. Understand the facilitation process for the three elements of the methodology (i.e. knowledge capture, knowledge sharing and learning design)


1. Identifying and Capturing Knowledge (Day 1)

1.1 Identification of Relevant Operational Experiences and Knowledge Gaps within the Organization

1.2 Techniques for Knowledge Capturing and Documentation

2. Capturing Operational Experiences and Lessons Learnt (Day 2)

2.1 Introduction into Production of Knowledge Assets

2.2 Quality Control and Validation Methods

3. Designing Knowledge Sharing Programs and Activities (Day 3)

3.1 Anchoring and Defining a Knowledge Exchange

3.2 Designing and Developing a Knowledge Exchange

3.3 Agenda Design

3.4 Implementing the Knowledge Exchange & Measuring and Reporting Results

4. Introduction to Learning Design (Day 4)

4.1 Foundations of Learning Design

4.2 The Learning Design Cycle

4.3 Meeting Learner’s Needs: Constraints and Strategies to Address them

4.4 Developing Learning Objectives

4.5 Introduction to Designing Impactful Presentations

4.6 An Overview to Selecting Learning Methods

5. Delivering a Knowledge Sharing Activity

5.1 Group project: Designing a Learning Activity

5.2 Delivery and Facilitation Considerations

5.3 Group Presentations and Feedback

  • Institute for Knowledge and Innovation - South East Asia

    Bangkok University
    The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation South East Asia (IKI-SEA), is a Bangkok University Center of Excellence operating as a not for profit organization. The IKI-SEA combines leading-edge academic research capability with in-depth business experience to provide practical and effective business solutions to the private and public sectors, both here in Thailand as well as throughout Southeast Asia.
Organizational Knowledge Sharing Certificate Program 2
  • Where: Institute for Knowledge and Innovation – South East Asia, Thailand Office, Bangkok University
  • When: June 5-9, 2017 (Program 2)
  • Deadline: Kindly Register by Monday, March 20, 2017


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