The 2030 Agenda, Aid for Trade, and Financing
The 2030 Agenda, Aid for Trade, and Financing
October 12, 2016Geneva, Switzerland

At a workshop hosted by the MIKTA Group of WTO Members, Senior Trade Specialist in the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, Marcus Bartley Johns, presented on the topic of "The 2030 Agenda, Aid for Trade, and Financing". The presentation covered the three key pillars of the World Bank Group's engagement in the 2030 Agenda - data, financing, and implementation - with a focus on trade linkages.

On implementation, trade should be seen not just in terms of the specific goals or indicators that mention trade, but as a cross-cutting means to enable the implementation of the whole 2030 agenda, in terms of country, regional and global activities. Aid for Trade and other sources of ODA can play an important role in leveraging other sources of development finance - doing so effectively means having a clear sense of the respective responsibilities of public and private sector actors, as well as other stakeholders. Finally, on data, a greater effort to bring data on trade, and data specific to the SDGs (for example, on poverty or gender constraints) is needed.

The presentation was part of the wider effort by the World Bank Group Geneva Office to strengthen the WBG's engagement in the 2030 agenda. We will continue to contribute to these discussions in the Geneva trade community, as well as other aspects of the multilateral agenda.