September 19-22, 2016Almaty, Kazakhstan

A conference on water resource management practices and technologies for Central Asia.


The aim of this event is to move state-of-the-art water information, forecasting, and analysis forward in order to enable all countries of the Aral Sea Basin to better manage water efficiency and scarcity, climate change, and economic and population growth at both national and regional scales. The event's design draws on ideas and priorities of Central Asia experts and efforts to work across borders and sectors on water-smart solutions.


Leading water agencies from six Central Asia countries along with international organizations are invited, as are government decision-makers, government water specialists, policy institutes, academia, hydrologists, and meteorologists. Non-government organizations and donors are also encouraged to participate from the region and neighboring countries.

The event will include the participation of working groups from various interdependent World Bank water-related projects, such as the Central Asia Hydromet Modernization Project (CAHMP), Strengthening Early Warning of Mountain Hazards in Central Asia Project, and the Central Asia Adaptation and Mitigation Project for Aral Sea Basin (CAMP4ASM); and intends to capture best-practices to better refine activities proposed for the Central Asia Water Management (CAWaRM) Project.


The Central Asia Water Future Conference and Exposition will appeal to a wide range of disciplines, from field technicians to decision-makers and everyone in between. The event will put participants in touch with leading solution providers and agencies in water resources management technology.

Current and emerging technologies and practices will be the focus of this event. And, the conference will allow peers in the region to meet and develop important relationships that will strengthen their knowledge and expertise.

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Draft Agenda


Forum Events

Expo Events

Sunday, Sept 18

Registration (Starts at 15:00 PM)

Expo Booth Set-up

Monday, September 19  - Training and Opening Plenary




Parallel Training Session A

- Modern Data & Visualization Tools

- Modern Analytical Tools

Parallel Training Session B

- Partnerships with Academia & Youth Involvement

Parallel Training Session C

- Meteorology/Climate (incl. vendor training)

Parallel Training Session D

- Hydrology/Water Resources (incl. Vendor Training)


Opening Plenary

- Welcome and Introductions,  Keynote Addresses

Inauguration of the Water Expo. Introduction to Exhibitors

Conference Social Gathering – Cocktails

Tuesday, September 20 - Modernizing Water Data and Analysis


Monitoring and Data Visualization: Satellite remote-sensing advances, overview of modern monitoring systems and data visualization and communications technologies

Showcase of latest advances in monitoring, analysis, regional, national and international projects, modern capacity building tools. Test interactive computer displays, walk through poster sessions, talk with vendors in booths and explore mobile Apps from a range of  Global and Regional Leaders in Water Resources Management Technology


Tools for Analysis: Forecasting systems, planning and basin management models; Real-time operational decision tools

Wednesday, September 21

 Governance and Integration – Implementing Global Good Practices


Governing Water Information Management Systems:  Capacity strengthening, Institutional mandates, and Outreach.


Bringing it all together – Decision Support Systems for water resources management

Thursday, September 22 – Moving Ahead


Parallel break out groups (data, modeling, governance, decision support systems), reporting and discussions.


Forum Conclusion Session – Water Future in Central Asia and Beyond:  closing keynotes and closing remarks


High Level Roundtable Jointly organized with the Government of Kazakhstan (By invitation). Venue -  Kazakh-British University


Vendor fair visit by High-Level Panel and delegates of Kazakh Conference

Joint Social Gathering - Cocktails

Friday, September 23 – Word Bank Project Discussions (by invitation)


World Bank project discussions


The World Bank Group cordially invites representatives of media to the Central Asia Water Future Forum & Expo.

Dates: September 19-22, 2016

Venue: Rixos Hotel, Almaty, Kazakhstan

The countries of the Central Asia region are in the process of modernizing the way their water resources are monitored and managed in a changing development and climate context.  The Central Asia Water Future Forum and Expo event is being organized by the World Bank to promote learning on recent progress and global good practice on innovative monitoring, visualization, and analysis tools.  Over 200 policy and technical experts from government, academia, private sector, and CSOs will participate at this international event that will be comprised of a Forum and Expo.

  • The Forum will feature regional and international speakers to present the Central Asia context and discuss established and evolving modern approaches and tools for integrated water resources management working across sectors and boundaries – including observation systems, remote sensing, decision-support modeling and capacity building. 
  • The Expo will feature booths, posters, and rapid learning sessions to showcase global and regional good practice instruments and tools for modernizing water management information systems. It will exhibit state-of-the-art water monitoring and information technologies from around the world, as well as forecasting and analytical tools to better manage water resources at national and regional scales in a changing economic, social, environmental, and climate context.

The forum week will also allow for additional opportunities to discuss the proposed Central Asia Water Management (CAWaRM) Project (organized by the World Bank) and to participate in the international Applied Research Conference on Water Resources of Central Asia and their Use (organized by the Government of Kazakhstan on 22-24 September).

The forum is open for your participation. We suggest to join us on Monday, September 19, at 14:00, when the Opening session starts. We will have a 15-minute break after the first session, so that the designated speakers could address your questions.

Media desk will facilitate your requests throughout the event.

Please confirm your participation by Friday, September 16. Contact: Togzhan Alibekova at

Download the PDF version of the invitation.

  • When: September 19-22, 2016
  • Where: Hotel Rixos, 506/99, Seifullin Avenue, Almaty, Kazakhstan