The International Sustainable Finance Forum 2015
September 16, 2015Swissotel Lima, Peru.

The objective is to facilitate knowledge sharing and the development of standards, policies and guidelines on environmental and social risk management and sustainable finance for the financial sector.

Context and Objectives of the Forum

The International Sustainable Finance Forum is a unique international gathering that brings together participants from central banks, financial regulators and banking associations from across multiple continents; international financial institutions and banks, as well as international experts, donors and partners. The objective is to facilitate knowledge sharing and the development of standards, policies and guidelines on environmental and social risk management and sustainable finance for the financial sector.  The International Sustainable Finance Forum represents an annual meeting of the Sustainable Banking Network (SBN), a platform of financial regulators and banking associations interested in promoting sustainable banking practices.

Governments and the private sector are exploring models that harness financial markets in support of sustainable development globally – balancing environmental and social (E&S) outcomes with sound financial returns. A number of emerging markets are adopting initiatives aimed at directing financial sector support for green, climate friendly and socially inclusive lending while addressing E&S risks of lending operations. To date, over 10 countries including Peru have issued such guidance for financial institutions and several others expect to launch similar guidance. Each country has adopted an approach that fits local needs and priorities.

The theme for this year’s Forum, the fourth since its inception, is “Sustainable Finance – A New Growth Model”. It will examine key trends, including:

  • The latest development in sustainable finance policy, practices and innovation
  • The business case for sustainable finance
  • Monitoring, evaluation and incentive mechanisms
  • Greening the financial sector – mobilizing capital markets, institutional investors, pension funds, and insurance companies to invest in “green” assets.

The forum is jointly hosted by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Fund Administrators of Peru (SBS) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. The event is part of the "Road to Lima" initiative which includes a series of high-profile events organized by the Government of Peru, the World Bank Group, and the International Monetary Fund leading up to the 2015 Annual Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund taking place in Lima in October 2015.  The "Road to Lima" represents a dialogue between policy makers, academics, representatives of the civil society and private sector on matters of global economy, stability financial and development.

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Welcome Address

by Mr. Alonso Segura, Minister of Economy and Finance, Peru (TBC)


Opening Speeches

  • Dr. Daniel Schydlowsky, Superintendent, Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Fund Administrators of Peru (SBS)
  • Mr. Morgan Landy, Director of Environment, Social and Governance Department, International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group




Panel Discussion 1: Sustainable Finance - Responding to Green Growth Needs

Moderator: Mr. Marcos Brujis, Director, Financial Institutions Group, IFC


  • Ms.  Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, Senior Advisor, Finance & Markets Global Practice, World Bank
  • Mr. Mulya Siregar, Deputy Commissioner of Banking Supervision, Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK)
  • Mr. Nick Robins, Co-Chair, United Nations Environment Programme Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System
  • Mr. Enrique Lendo, Head of International Affairs, Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Representative of G20 GreenInvest Platform (TBC)
  • Mr. Rodrigo Pereira Porto, Head of Division, Financial System Regulation Department, Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN)

As emerging markets focus on developing green growth models, it is expected that the financial sector, as an important capital provider will be leveraged to work with businesses to manage impacts to the environment and communities and to finance the move to an environmentally and socially sustainable growth model. New risks will need to be assessed and managed and new business products and services developed and deployed. It is expected that a combination of public and private sector approaches will be pioneered. This panel will discuss research, trends and country experiences in support of green growth.



Coffee Break




Panel Discussion 2: Sustainable Banking -  Regulatory Guidance,  Voluntary Initiatives and the Experience to Date

Moderator: Mr. Morgan Landy, Director of Environment, Social and Governance Department, IFC


  • Dr. A’isha U. Mahmood, Special Adviser to Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor on Sustainable Banking
  • Ms. Xiaowen Li, Director, Research Department, China Banking Regulatory Commission
  • Mr.  Habil Olaka, CEO, Kenya Bankers Association
  • Mr. Naidalaa Badrakh, CEO, Mongolian Bankers Association
  • Mr. Andres Rojas, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Asobancaria, Colombia

The banking sector provides finance and has a significant client base in most emerging markets. Through the Sustainable Banking Network (SBN), innovation and good practices have been shared and disseminated. This panel will share the knowledge and learning on sustainable banking regulation, business practices and financial innovation. This includes how banking regulators are requesting banks to consider impacts to the environment and communities as part of lending decisions, voluntary industry initiatives facilitated by banking associations, and how leading banks are improving business practices and strengthening risk management. 



Lunch & Networking




Panel Discussion 3: Managing Social Risks – Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Moderator: Ms. Robin Sandenburgh, Senior Manager, Environment, Social and Governance Department, IFC


  • Mr. Paul Collazos, Head of Specialized Lending Risk Department, SBS
  • Ms. Janine Ferretti, Chief, Environment and Social Safeguards Unit, Inter- American Development Bank
  • Mr. Mario Sergio Fernandes de Vasconselos, Head of Institutional Partnerships,  FEBRABAN, Brazil
  • Mr. Pablo De la Flor, Corporate Affairs Manager, Banco de Credito del Peru

Social conflicts linked to development projects are on the rise in many countries, driven by community concerns about land, livelihoods, benefit-sharing and environmental damage. Social risks can translate into risks to the lending portfolios of FIs through suspended projects, rising costs, construction delays, and threats to future investment. However, adopting sound social risk management practices by FIs is a complex endeavor which is often complicated by the absence of the enabling environment and regulation to create a level playing field for all institutions operating in a market. Financial regulators are well positioned to signal and provide guidance to banks and other financial institutions in the increasingly important area of social risk management. The panel will highlight steps taken by financial regulators to support the financial sector with the development of guidance on assessment and management of social risks. The panel will also include examples and good practices from FIs to social risk, impact assessment and management.



Coffee Break




Panel Discussion 4: Greening the Global Financial Ecosystem –Innovations in Insurance, Pension Funds and Stock Exchanges

Moderator: Dr. Michel Canta, Deputy Superintendent of Private Pension Fund Administrators, SBS


  • Mr. Isaac Ramputa, Chairman of Batseta, the Association for Pension Fund Trustees in South Africa
  • Mr. Mark B. Alloway, Chief Investment Officer, IFC
  • Ms. Sonia Favaretto, Sustainability Director, Brazil’s Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange (BM&FBOVESPA)
  • Mr. Simon Clow, Group Head of Stakeholder Engagement
    Strategy, Sustainability, & Public Affairs, AXA (TBC)

The wider financial ecosystem is increasingly aware of the necessity and opportunities of sustainable finance. The insurance sector, pension funds, and stock exchanges in some emerging markets are adopting their own tools, definitions and systems for integrating environmental and social performance management. This trend offers opportunities for synergies between various parts of the financial sector (e.g. harmonization of monitoring and incentives for responsible companies). This session will showcase examples and facilitate a discussion on effective collaboration.



Closing Remarks: Mr. Carlos Pinto, Head of Andean Region, IFC


  • Superintendencia de Banca, Seguros y AFP

    SBS - Peru (in Spanish)
    La misión de la SBS es proteger los intereses del público, cautelando la estabilidad, la solvencia y la transparencia de los sistemas supervisados, así como fomentar una mayor inclusión financiera y contribuir con el sistema de prevención y detección del lavado de activos y del financiamiento del terrorismo.
  • International Finance Corporation

    IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries.

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