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Hondurean chocolate
Cocoa and Chocolate Fair: “Territorial Development and Agroforestry-based on Cacao”
September 1, 2015Washington, DC

The event “Cocoa and Chocolate Fair : Territorial Development and Agroforestry-based on Cacao” will present the outcomes and lessons learned of the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) for “AGROCACAO: Environmentally Sustainable Cacao Production for Small Scale Indigenous Peoples and Afro-descendant Farmers in Honduras”.

The project has worked at the base of the social pyramid building social fabric to improve livelihoods of the poorest sectors of rural areas while promoting environmentally friendly systems and opportunities to improve incomes, poverty reduction, and shared prosperity.

The event brings together government officials, civil society organizations, donors, and private sector representatives to share the experience of working together to build capacity and introduce alternatives to promote inclusive social and economic development.

The fair will also give participants the opportunity to interact directly with beneficiaries and the project implementing unit. About eleven beneficiaries will expose their Products, including cacao and chocolate; and four members of the Project Coordinating Unit will have a stand presenting results of AGROCACAO, including publications, videos and training materials.

  • Host and chair: Jorge Familiar

    Vice President. World Bank. Latin America and the Caribbean
    Jorge Familiar, a Mexican national, is the Vice President of the World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean since May 1, 2014. He is the first Latin American to be appointed to that position in the last 30 years. As Vice President and Corporate Secretary of the World Bank Group since August 2010, Familiar played a key role in facilitating and promoting cooperation and dialogue between the Board of Governors, Boards of Executive Directors and Management of the World Bank Group institutions in the adoption of the new strategy for the eradication of extreme poverty globally by 2030. He has also promoted the modernization of the institution in terms of delivering services adapted to the needs of its clients, including innovative financial services, knowledge products and integrated solutions to respond to development challenges.
  • Guest Speaker: Eric Reid

    Chocolate producer and chocolatier. CEO and Founder of CiBEXO Group (SPAGnVOLA)
    Award-winning, business owner and industry expert in designing micro to medium scale chocolate manufacturing facilities. His primary focus is on premium chocolate production. Mr. Reid is a graduate of the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy and continues to immerse himself in the world of chocolate confections. He specializes in highlighting flavor characteristics through cocoa genetics and the role they play in creating distinct flavors and aromas.
  • WBG Speaker: Jorge Muñoz

    Practice Manager. Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice
  • WBG Speaker: Humberto Lópes

    World Bank Director for Central America
    Humberto Lopez is the World Bank Director for Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama). In his position, he oversees the programs and TCs, research and funding of the six nations. Previously, he was Director of Economic Policy and Poverty Reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean at the World Bank.