Fragility, Conflict and Violence Forum 2015
February 11-13, 2015Washington, D.C.

More than 250 million people– half of the population of the 33 countries the World Bank defines as fragile – live in poverty. Worldwide, more than 1.2 billion people live in areas affected by conflict and fragility. No matter the measure, if extreme poverty is to be eliminated by 2030, the challenges of fragility, conflict and violence need to be addressed. The Fragility, Conflict and Violence Forum, held from February 11 – 13, 2015, brought together over 1000 practitioners working on fragility, conflict and violence to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities; exchange insights and experience; and strengthen the practice of delivering development results in fragile and conflict-affected situations. The 3-day conference featured over 200 speakers and four plenary sessions featuring topics around Ebola, the Private Sector, Youth Voices and Resilience and a high-level panel on Redefining Fragility. The webcasts of these sessions are available below.

Highlights of the Forum include:

Selected highlights - Day 1

Third Party Monitoring: Strengthening the World Bank’s oversight and accountability in a challenging security context

Developing a conflict-sensitive strategy and portfolio: Lessons from the Kyrgyz Republic

Transitions out of conflict and “inclusive enough” political settlements: emerging lessons and role of the World Bank

Data revolutions for better governance of extractive industries in FCV

Selected highlights - Day 2

 Plenary, Youth Voices and Resilience: Stories from Ferguson to Ukraine Unplugged (webcast) featuring:
- Amira Yahyaoui, 2014 Laureate for the Chirac Prize for Conflict Prevention
- Emmanuel Jal, former child soldier, political activist and musician
- Rasheen Aldridge, Youth Representative for President Obama’s Ferguson Commission
- Razan Shalab Al-Sham, Field Director, Syrian Emergency Task Force
- Mouaz Moustafa, Syrian Activist and member of Government Relations Committee of the Coalition for a Democratic Syria (CDS)

Rebuilding public services in post-conflict countries: How to walk the line between building and bypassing the State?

Building resilience in FCV: Safety nets and jobs

Addressing Transition, Conflict and Development in the Middle East and North Africa

Amplifying the voice of civil society in the New Deal

Learning in the face of adversity

"Was Ebola a disease waiting to happen?”: Strengthening health systems in FCV areas to avert catastrophic epidemics (webcast)

Selected highlights Day 3

High-level Panel, Redefining Fragility: New Thinking on Ending Poverty with Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group (Webcast)

Impact of Agricultural Public Policies on Reduction of Conflicts in Rural Communites (video of event)

Violence prevention: Overview of the state of the field

Exploring the link between fragility and criminal activity

Theories of change on fragility, conflict and violence

See the full program of sessions.