Global Payments Week 2014
September 23-25, 2014New York, NY

The Global Payments Week 2014 conference was held from September 23 - 25, in New York, NY and focused on the most important issues and trends in the field of payments and securities settlement, and agree upon the next steps.

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Over 130 participants representing more than 60 countries and 80 different institutions debated on the most relevant topics in the Payments and Securities Settlement Systems space. The conference opened with the welcoming remarks from the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William Dudley.

The plenary sessions on Tuesday, September 23 and Wednesday, September 24 focused on FMIs recovery and resolution, ecosystems for FMIs, cybercrime, recent developments in retail payments and financial inclusion, and international remittances.

On Thursday, September 25 and Friday, September 26 parallel sessions convened to discuss topics related to each specific regional payment initiative. 

Plenary   API    Africa/Asia Group    CISPI    WHF    WHF (spanish)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Plenary Session (available presentations linked to names)

Recent developments in payment and securities settlement systems worldwide
Massimo Cirasino, World Bank Group

Recovery and Resolution of FMIs: Issues and Approaches
What is the Resolution Plan for CCPs? JP Morgan

Cybercrime and threats to payment and settlement systems
Scott Montgomery, McAfee
Vas Rajan, CLS

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Plenary Session (available presentations linked to names)

The Federal Reserve Faster Payment Study
Sean Rodriguez, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Payment Services and Systems as a Gateway to Financial Inclusion
Peer Stein, World Bank Group

Recent Developments in Retail Payments
Harish Natarajan and Thomas Lammer, both World Bank Group

The rising global issue of access to payment systems infrastructure for money transfer operators
Marco Nicolì, World Bank Group

Latest updates on the cost reduction efforts at global level
Isaku Endo, World Bank Group

Project Greenback 2.0, unlocking the potential of local communities for remittances
Marco Nicolì, World Bank Group

Presentations by Region

Africa/Asia Group

India     Malaysia    Nigeria    Tanzania

CISPI - Cooperation in the Commonwealth of Independent States Payments and Settlement Securities Initiative

Azerbaijan    Kazakhstan    Russia1     Russia2    Ukraine

WHF - Western Hemisphere Payments and Securities Settlement Forum

CPMI updates (Löber)      CPMI-IOSCO implementation monitoring (Löber)

FI Integration (Garcia)          Financial Inclusion Payment System Survey LAC

PAFI highlights                      PFMIs implementation (Bernal)

PFMIs (Linares)                     Regional Integration (Herrera)