Human Resources for Health Policies for Universal Health Coverage: Satellite Session at the Third Global Symposium on Health System Research
September 30, 2014Third Global Symposium on Health System Research


This full-day session will actively engage participants in discussion of the latest analytical methods, research findings, and examples of how data can be translated into evidence-based policymaking to address human resources for health (HRH) challenges. HRH are often the weakest link in health systems and a major constraint for countries striving for Universal Health Coverage.  To attract, retain, and motivate high performance of health workers, countries must develop strategies that address the myriad of economic, professional, individual, and social factors that influence health workers’ employment decisions and consequently, affect communities’ access to quality health care.  The session will present an overall health labor market framework, which countries can use to analyse the HRH dynamics in their contexts, with specific focus on research methods, findings, and policy actions related to HRH availability, distribution, and performance.  

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Agenda [pdf]

  • Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research: The Symposium will convene researchers, policy-makers and implementers from around the world to develop the field of health systems research and unleash their collective capacity to create, share and apply knowledge to strengthen health systems, towards the vision of globally connected health systems research and policy communities that contribute to the attainment of better health, equity and well-being.