Housing Finance Workshop for Sub-Saharan Africa
April 11-16, 2011Nairobi, Kenya

This 5-day workshop at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies was held Apr. 11-16, 2011 to provide a condensed version of the housing finance course offered by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Housing markets are critical to economic growth, social shelter and financial sector stability. In emerging economies, the demand for housing finance is increasing as the result of urbanization, demographic and economic growth. Housing finance accounts for a sizeable part of the financial sector, and is critical to its overall soundness and accessibility. The recent global crisis, even though it created uncertainties, also stresses the importance of tailoring adequate solutions to developing sound and accessible systems.

Housing finance markets have been changing dramatically across Africa. As housing finance keeps growing to match the rising demand for housing, new risk management approaches, business models, funding tools, and policy instruments can help expand markets, increase access to affordable housing, and contribute to countries’ strategies for sheltering the poor. Yet many questions remain about the right balance between innovation and regulation, the extent of risks to the financial system, and appropriate measures for promoting affordable housing. These are the questions that this workshop will aim to answer by setting out best practice with the help of guest speakers and subject matter experts.

Sub-Saharan Africa is transforming its housing finance systems and both policy makers and private practitioners need cutting-edge information on innovation in the sector. This program addresses that need by providing an intensive period of education in policy innovations and institutional, financial and managerial aspects of housing finance, focused on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Objectives of the Workshop

  • To provide a condensed version of the full Wharton course, but tailored for SSA countries. The Samuel Zell/Lurie Real Estate Centre of the Wharton School is the world’s leading international educational institution in providing high level training to policymakers on housing and housing finance issues.
  • To introduce innovation and best practice from around the world in the delivery of housing finance products, risk management of housing finance, policy making and in increasing accessibility to housing finance for lower income groups.
  • To help build a lasting legacy from the course by including academics as participants who will be able to teach some of the materials to their own students. By involving local teachers and presenters as much as possible, it is hoped that local expertise can be built up.

Target Audience

The course will benefit the following housing finance stakeholders:

  • International housing finance industry and policymakers
  • Academic institutions and professional trade associations in emerging economies
  • Governments in the process of transforming their housing policies and housing finance institutions.

Registration Fee 
The fee for participation is US$1000 per person. This fee applies to participation in all sessions, course materials, lunch and refreshments. The fee does not include travel or accommodation expenses, which should be planned by each participant.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WORKSHOP IS AT FULL CAPACITY and we are no longer accepting registrations. If you are still interested in this course, we will place your name on a waiting list and keep you informed should we have any last-minute availability. Otherwise, we will give you priority for the next offering of this workshop.  

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A limited number of rooms is available at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies at very reasonable rates (including dinner, bed and breakfast). If you would like to secure accommodation or require further information, please contact Uloaku Echebiri. Kindly note that the Kenya School of Monetary Studies is unable to take individual reservations, so please do not contact the School to make your reservations. The World Bank will maintain a rooming list and will provide this list to the Kenya School of Monetary Studies upon receipt of payment.  

We look forward to seeing you in Nairobi!