VI Meeting of the GRWG
April 23, 2010Washington, D.C.

The World Bank organized the VI Meeting of the GRWG on April 23 in Washington D.C.

In the context of the G8 commitment to the 5x5 objective and following up on the last  meeting of the Global Remittances Working Group (GRWG), held in Rome on November 9, 2009, the World Bank organized the VI Meeting of the GRWG to be held on April 23 in Washington D.C. The event convened authorities and members of the private sector to discuss the practical implementations of the objective and the priorities for action moving forward.


List of Participants

Name Institution Representation
Sue Graves AusAid Australia
Paul Flanagan Australian Treasury Australia
Domenico Gammaldi Banca d' Italia Italy
Riccardo Settimo Banca d'Italia Italy
Marc Hollanders BIS-CPSS Multilateral
Sabine Mondorf BMF Germany
Andreas Beckermann BMZ Germany
Keike Winter Bundesbank Germany
Mary DeLorey Catholic Relief Services NGO
Michael Tarazi CGAP Multilateral
Rafael Mazer CGAP Multilateral
Yanine Seltzer CGAP Multilateral
Jonathan Rothschild CIDA Canada
Raul Hernandez Coss CNBV Mexico
Kerry Nelson DFID UK
Sarah Cartmell EU Delegation iN DC EU
Cyril Rousseau French Ministry of Economy and Finance France
Constance Motte French Ministry of Foreign Affairs France
Mons. Marco Sprizzi Holy See Vatican
Leon Isaacs IAMTN Private Sector
Greg Watson IDB Multilateral
Pedro De Vasconcelos IFAD Multilateral
Robert Meins IFAD Multilateral
Neil Gregory IFC Multilateral
Peer Stein IFC Multilateral
Amb. Giandomenico Magliano Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy
Constantino Moretti Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy
Constantino Tarducci Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy
Toru Shimizu Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan
Joel Feinberg MasterCard Private Sector
Michael Archer MasterCard Private Sector
Inigo More IAC
Isabel Garayo Spanish Ministry of Finance Spain
Maria Perez Ribes Spanish Ministry of Finance Spain
Dean Yang University of Michigan USA
Chris McCoy US Treasury USA
John Hurley US Treasury USA
Janamitra Devan Vice President- World Bank Multilateral
Barbara Span Western Union Private Sector
Alexandre Berthaud World Bank Multilateral
Ben Musuku World Bank Multilateral
Carlo Corazza World Bank Multilateral
Dilip Ratha World Bank Multilateral
Ed al Hussaini World Bank Multilateral
Massimo Cirasino World Bank Multilateral
Neil Fantom World Bank Multilateral
Sanket Mohapatra World Bank Multilateral
Seymour Fortescue World Bank IAC
Sonia Plaza World Bank Multilateral
Ranee Jayamaha World Bank IAC
Holger Illi World Bank (German ED) Germany
Amanda Carmignani World Bank (Italy ED) Italy
Claudia Salabe World Bank (Italy ED) Italy
Maria Perez Ribes World Bank (Spain ED) Spain