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Interactive April 24, 2019

Voices from the Field: Stories from Mozambique’s Integrated Landscape Management Portfolio

With diverse ecosystems and rich natural resources, Mozambique is a country of opportunity. Expansive forests, fertile soils, and an extensive coastline are just some of the resources that provide vital services to the country and offer global benefits such as climate regulation and biodiversity habitat. Landscape degradation, such as deforestation, wildlife poaching and overfishing, however, is threatening this potential.

Working closely with communities, government, private sector and civil society partners, the World Bank is working on a series of projects and programs focused on reducing environmental threats and promoting sustainable rural development. By managing these projects collectively (sharing knowledge, resources and time), the Bank is implementing a ”portfolio” of technical assistance, on-the-ground investments, results-based finance, and analytical work that is known as Mozambique’s Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) Portfolio.

This publication presents a series of stories from colleagues, partners and friends who work closely with and benefit from ILM Portfolio activities and investments. Reflecting the true nature of the Bank’s work in Mozambique, the stories are of hope, resolution and hard work; presenting practical examples of lessons learned and visions for a future that meets the needs of all of Mozambique’s people while safeguarding its unique and irreplaceable natural environment.