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Interactive March 8, 2018

Inclusive Growth in the EU - At A Glance

The Inclusive Growth in the EU – At A Glance dashboard was designed to provide easy access to data on income and living standards across Europe and Central Asia to researchers and other professionals. The dashboard provides a wide range of indicators related to demographics, education, jobs, and income structure for the region. By including World Bank-specific indicators and groups such as absolute poverty at different international poverty lines, welfare of the bottom 40, and social protection incidence, one can compare indicators that are not typically available elsewhere across-countries (national) and within-countries (by social group). The dashboard uses the EU-Statistics on Income and Living Condition (EU-SILC) microdata provided by Eurostat, which have a harmonized structure across all European countries and over time (since 2005). To learn more about the variables used in the dashboard, please click here. To see the country classifications, please click here.

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