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Interactive March 22, 2018

Water Productivity in Europe and Central Asia

Water productivity is an indication only of the efficiency by which each country uses its water resources. Given the different economic structure of each country, these indicators should be used carefully, taking into account a country's sectorial activities and natural resource endowments.

While some countries have an abundant supply of fresh water, others do not have as much. Many areas of the world are already experiencing stress on water availability. Due to the accelerated pace of population growth and an increase in the amount of water a single person uses, it is expected that this situation will continue to get worse. The ability of developing countries to make more water available for domestic, agricultural, industrial and environmental uses will depend on better management of water resources and more cross-sectoral planning and integration.

According to World Water Council, by 2020, water use is expected to increase by 40%, and 17% more water will be required for food production to meet the needs of the growing population.

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