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Over the last decade, Tajikistan experienced strong economic performance, with growth rate averaging above 7.1%. Strong growth, higher wages, and international remittances helped reduce the number of people living in poverty from 32% of the population in 2009 to an estimated 12.4% in 2022 (at the international poverty line of $3.65/day).

Despite significant progress, Tajikistan remains vulnerable to external shocks due to high dependency on migrant remittances, an undiversified economy, as well as high risk of debt distress. The inflow of workers’ remittances accounts for a third of annual GDP. While public debt is sustainable, the risk of debt distress remains high.

Tajikistan has enormous growth potential due to a young and growing population, water and hydropower potential, and development in areas like agriculture and food processing, mineral resources, tourism, and more.

The Government of Tajikistan set an ambitious target—to more than double or triple domestic incomes between 2016 and 2030—which will require a new growth model centered around a dynamic private sector. This transition requires implementing structural reforms, focusing on public sector efficiency and transparency, enhancing the competition framework, and improving the investment climate, energy sector, trade connectivity, and access to finance. Given Tajikistan’s high exposure to climate risks, it is critical to strengthen environmental resilience through mitigation and adaptation.


Tajikistan: Commitments by Fiscal Year (in millions of dollars)*

*Amounts include IBRD and IDA commitments
The World Bank
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Dushanbe, +992 48 701 58 00
48 Ayni Street, Business Center "Sozidanie", 3rd floor, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Almaty, +7 727 377-8220
Central Asia Regional Office: 41A Kazybek bi Street, 4th Floor, 050010 Almaty, Kazakhstan