East Asia & Pacific Chief Economist Research Center

August 31, 2016


Strategic Overview

The goal for the East Asia & Pacific Chief Economist (EAPCE) Research Center based in the World Bank Group Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Finance Hub in Malaysia is to become a center of intellectual leadership on economic development of regional and global significance. It has three main mandates: to produce original research on development economics, to contribute to policy analysis and dialogue around the world, and to promote a community of researchers in Malaysia, neighboring countries, and East Asia in general.

In its second five-year phase, starting in July 2020, the research center in Malaysia will be integrated with the World Bank chief economist unit of the East Asia and Pacific region (EAPCE). This collaboration will enhance the group’s ability to fulfill its goal and mandates by benefiting from synergies between researchers in Kuala Lumpur, the EAP region, and Washington, DC. The group will also count with the collaboration and continuous support of the Development Research Group (DECRG) in the World Bank’s headquarters.

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About us

The EAPCE Research Center is made up of the following staff:

Aakash Mohpal (Senior Economist) 

Jongrim Ha (Senior Economist  

Yu Cao (Economist) 

Agustin Samano (Economist) 

Daniel Halim (Economist)  

Adam Merican Bin Mohd Din (Research Analyst) 

Izzati Ab Razak (Research Analyst) 

Nadia Esham (Consultant)

Reka Palianiappan (Team Assistant)