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BRIEF September 8, 2021

Consultations: Lao PDR - World Bank Group Country Partnership Framework


The World Bank Group proposes three paths to more balanced development outcomes in Laos

WB Systematic Country Diagnostic Proposed Framework

New: CPF Consultations Round 2, December 9, 10, 13 - Click Here

Every five years the World Bank Group takes stock of development progress and challenges in the Lao PDR through a Systematic Country Diagnostic. This feeds into the next five-year lending and advisory program agreed between the Government and the World Bank, known as the Country Partnership Framework.

This year, the World Bank is also producing a Country Economic Memorandum, which analyses the Lao PDR’s economic history, situation and potential, seeking options that could help the country take advantage of its strategic location and natural wealth for inclusive and sustained growth.

In preparing all three of these documents, the World Bank Group seeks your opinion.

We seek opinions on the most promising reforms and investments — alongside the most salient challenges — that could help the Lao PDR recover from the current economic slowdown, and develop a resilient economy that brings about poverty reduction and shared prosperity. In preliminary analysis of the current situation, the World Bank has identified three main challenges facing the country:

  • Increasing macroeconomic instability.
  • Jobless growth with rising inequality.
  • Vulnerability to climate change, environmental degradation, and shocks.

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2021

To address these challenges, the Bank proposes three paths to more balanced development outcomes:
    1. Stabilize the economy, for example by securing the sustainability of public debt, increasing fiscal space (especially through increased domestic revenues), and promoting stability in the financial sector.
    2. Share the benefits of economic growth more equitably, for instance by supporting a more dynamic private sector, improving connective infrastructure, promoting a well-functioning labor market, improving child nutrition, enhancing education, and ensuring equitable access to quality health services.
    3. Sustain development progress, for example by improving management of natural resources, taking action on climate change, increasing urban planning, establishing comprehensive social protection, improving financial inclusion, and encouraging climate-smart agriculture.

    Strengthening governance and institutions, a cross-cutting theme, will be vital to support the three pathways.

    To gauge the opinion on these issues, and to collect advice and perspectives, the World Bank is holding online discussion sessions. The second round is being held December 9, 10, 13, 2021. Find out how to join these discussions here

    The first round was held in September:

    1. Government staff, National Assembly members and Secretariat, Academia / Think Tanks;

    Sep 22, 2021, 9 am. Co-hosted by World Bank and Ministry of Planning and Investment

    2. Private sector 

    Sep 23, 2021, 9 am. Co-hosted by IFC and Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    3. Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations and citizens.

    Sep 24, 2021, 9 am. Hosted by World Bank Group

    Presentations were given by the World Bank Group team and the floor made open for questions and discussion. The discussions were held in Lao and English with interpretation supplied. Click here to see the results from the SCD round of consultations. 

    An online questionnaire on the situation in Lao PDR is again available so that opinion on how best the WBG group can tailor its support to Lao PDR can be gathered anonymously.

    You can request materials presented at the above sessions and also submit opinions and comments on the SCD by emailing to


    Last Updated: Nov 10, 2021