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Population, million1.8
GDP, current $ billion10.5
GDP per capita, current $5,926.7
Life Expectancy at Birth, years76.8

Kosovo is a parliamentary republic. It declared independence on February 17, 2008, and is recognized as an independent country by more than 100 United Nations members. Kosovo, a potential candidate for European Union (EU) membership, signed a Stabilization Association Agreement with the EU that has been in force since April 2016. The last parliamentary elections were held on February 14, 2021, and the current government was elected on March 22, 2021.

Kosovo has experienced steady economic progress since declaring independence, with a nearly 50% increase in per-capita income and a 35% reduction in the poverty rate. The country has successfully transitioned away from a growth model based on high dependence on foreign aid inflows, outperforming peer countries of similar per-capita income thanks to a steady expansion in consumption and investment, with a strong impetus from diaspora inflows, public investment in infrastructure, and financial deepening, amid a stable fiscal stance and an environment of low inflation.

Although largely inclusive, Kosovo’s growth has not been sufficient to provide enough formal jobs, particularly for women and youth. To continue to grow, Kosovo needs to unleash productivity gains and create more quality jobs. This will require addressing infrastructure bottlenecks, prioritizing human capital investment, and creating an environment more conducive to private sector development. Further actions are also needed to promote environmental sustainability, including the fulfillment of the EU’s environmental acquis. 

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2024


Kosovo: Commitments by Fiscal Year (in millions of dollars)*

*Amounts include IBRD and IDA commitments


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