Iran Economic Monitor

Farm workers are loading watermelons on the tractor, Iranshahr, Baluchestan.

Farm workers are loading watermelons on the tractor, Iranshahr, Baluchestan.

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The Iran Economic Monitor provides an update on key economic developments and policies. It examines these economic developments and policies in a longer-term and global context, and assesses their implications for the outlook for the country. Its coverage ranges from the macro-economy to financial markets to indicators of human welfare and development. It is intended for a wide audience, including policy makers, business leaders, financial market participants, and the community of analysts and professionals engaged in Iran.

Latest Issue:

Iran’s economy continued to grow moderately for the third consecutive year albeit at a slower pace than in the previous year.

Previous Issues:

Iran’s economy continued its gradual recovery in 2021/221 following the rebound in domestic and external demand. 

Iran’s economy is gradually recovering following a lost decade (2011–2020) of negligible economic growth. Less stringent COVID-19 restrictions, adaptation to the new normal— reflected in a recovery in consumption, and more favorable oil sector conditions have driven a four-quarter rebound after June 2020, albeit from a low base. 

Special Focus: Recent poverty figures and assessement of the welfare and poverty impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in Iran

Special Focus: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Iran and understanding poverty trends in Iran during 2016/17–2018/19  

Special Focus Topic: Understanding the latest poverty trends in Iran (2009–2016)

Special Focus: Recent Trends in Employment and Labor Market Outcome

Special Focus: Iran’s Pension System: The Need for Reform I Towards Water Security in Iran: Challenges and Opportunities

Special Focus: Constructing and Understanding Poverty Trends in Iran I Ambient Air Pollution in Iran

Special Focus: Prospects for Iran’s Oil and Gas Export Revenues I Iran’s Financial Sector at the Dawn of the Lifting of Sanctions

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2023