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Indonesia: Student competition Essay & photo

September 16, 2016


Entry Requirements: Open only to final-year undergraduate students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in Indonesia


Public Financial Management as Driver of Economic Growth: How can effective public financial management support Indonesia to improve the lives of its citizens and realize its potential for economic growth?

A.       Essays should address the overall theme with a focus on one or more of the sub-themes listed.

B.       Essays will be judged on whether the writer is successful in articulating a clear and focused argument supported by research, the flow of the logic, clarity of language, originality of ideas that may contain human interest elements, and that the essay shows a critical understanding of the status and progress of the public financial management reforms in Indonesia.

C.       Essays must provide reference citation where appropriate. Plagiarism will be reason for automatic disqualification.

D.       Essays must be between 800 and 1000 words, original and unpublished, written in Bahasa Indonesia, and in a popular style.

E.        Entries must be in PDF format.




Spending Better

The management of public resources plays a central role in shaping development policies that lead to poverty alleviation and inclusive growth. The quality of preparation and implementation of a government’s budget goes a long way toward determining how development policies actually impact national well-being. This sub-theme is devoted to addressing the impact of government spending through more efficient and effective public expenditure management systems.

Collecting More

The main objective of any good tax system is to raise revenue equitably and efficiently to deliver services for citizens while also providing benefits for state building, wealth distribution, and incentives for innovation, investment and trade. This sub-theme is devoted to addressing the government’s performance in collecting more revenue.

Delivering Public Services at Local Level

This sub-theme is concerned with a broad range of topics related to how different levels of government (national, provincial, local) work together to improve public service delivery at the local level.


Putting a Human Face on Public Financial Management: How can public financial management deliver better life for the people of Indonesia?


A.       Photos should be of the overall theme with a focus on one or more of the sub-themes listed.

B.       Each photo must be accompanied by a caption of 30-40 words.

C.       Entries must be original and unpublished. Contestants should be prepared to certify this attestation on request.

D.       Contestants must obtain all necessary third-party releases (human subjects in the photographs, including parental/guardians’ approval for minors).

E.        Initial entries must be in JPEG format at a resolution of 800x600 pixels, either in portrait or landscape layout, and not more than 5MB in size. Shortlisted photos will need to be re-submitted in higher resolution.


All entries must be submitted by 1pm on October 24, 2016, along with a one-page CV, a signed statement of authorship, and a copy of student card to: competition@worldbank.org with “Essay Competition” or “Photo Competition” on the subject line. Each student may submit only one essay and/or one photo, but each email must not contain more than one entry. Submission instructions and enquiries should be addressed to kompetisiworldbankUI@ui.ac.id. No phone calls please. Only shortlisted entries will be contacted. For guidelines, click here

Organized by The World Bank in partnership with the University of Indonesia. We encourage students from outside of Java to compete.

Sponsored by the Public Financial Management Multi Donor Trust Fund: