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BRIEF January 25, 2021

Agile VET Education for Increased Employability in Georgia


Georgia faces the challenge of a major skills mismatch between its vocational education system and the needs of its labor market. To help bridge this gap, the country aims to increase the attractiveness of the vocational education and training (VET) profession and strengthen institutions for the development of an industry-led professional workforce. 

Recognizing the potential of this important education sub-sector for Georgia’s economic growth, the government is working with development partners to prioritize reforms and modernization of VET education.

Strengthening Teacher Quality in Vocational Education and Training is an innovative and tailormade project, supported by the Good Governance Fund run by the British Embassy in Georgia, which will support industry-led skills for VET graduates, and also strengthen the quality of professional development for VET teachers.

The project creates an enabling environment for advancing the VET sector through a three-pillar approach:

  1. Introducing a comprehensive Teacher Management and Development System
  2. Strengthening training delivery for capacity development of VET teachers and principals
  3. Promoting data-driven decision-making processes

With an emphasis on promoting important teacher-related policies, the project introduces incentives for attracting and retaining professional practitioners from the private sector and industries. As part of this approach, a team of education experts, referring to international best practices, has develop a new model for VET teachers’ work commencement, professional development, and career advancement.

The new model, built on VET teachers’ new professional standards, facilitates the establishment of a more decentralized, flexible, and agile system, shifting both greater autonomy in decision-making and accountability to vocational education facilities.

Thanks to the partnership with relevant industries and businesses in implementing the project, Georgia’s VET system now streamlines professional development and new talent acquisition procedures. This is done by introducing teachers who will deliver theoretical and practical education, integrate and share competencies and modern practices with VET students, and apply relevant industry experience and practical skills in the workplace.

Another milestone of the model is the introduction of new positions for Vocational and Invited Teachers who are already in the system and aspire to advance in their careers. Consequently, a comprehensive talent acquisition system and people management model will facilitate the advancement of dual VET programs while also strengthening continuing professional development, and mentorship practices.

The Strengthening Teacher Quality in Vocational Education and Training project is being implemented in close partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia and supports the Government’s sustainable development agenda, with an emphasis on strengthening human capital for economic growth and people’s earning potential.