Qatar Country Program

October 12, 2016

Cooperation with Qatar began in 2003 with a Public Transport Sector Reform RAS followed by a manpower planning exercise.  The World Bank also provided technical assistance on payment systems to the Central Bank of Qatar and conducted a study on Knowledge Economy Development the results of which were discussed at several high-level workshops. 

The Government, represented by the Minister of Finance (MoF), signed a Framework Agreement for Reimbursable Advisory Services with the Bank in 2011, which deepened our engagement. The Bank assisted the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics to prepare the mid-term review of the National Development Strategy (NDS 2011-16) and the second NDS (2017-22). The Bank also supported the Ministry of Environment to upgrade environmental rules and regulations following the WB-GCC Gulf Environmental Program (GEPAP), and the Pensions Authority to modernize its policies and systems. Significant assistance was provided to Qatar to help host COP-18 in 2012.

The Central Bank has also benefited from World Bank assistance to: (i) enhance payment systems, and (ii) develop macroeconomic stress-test instruments to strengthen banking sector supervision. The Bank completed an innovative assistance to Qatar Development Bank to enhance SME access to public sector contracts, as well as support to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to prepare a business reform memorandum and action plan. An expanded engagement to implement business reforms and improve the overall investment climate was signed with the Ministry of Finance in June 2019, and the completion report was submitted to MOCI (spell out) and MOF March, 14 2022.

The World Bank is continuing its dialogue with the Authorities to identify key areas of support for future engagement.