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BRIEF November 25, 2020

Croatia: Strategic Transformation in Agriculture and Rural Space


Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and the World Bank began their joint work on the Strategic Transformation in Agriculture and Rural Space (STARS) project in October 2018, under a reimbursable advisory services (RAS) agreement. The project uses a participatory approach to also address, besides Ministry of Agriculture, a wide range of stakeholders from the public and private sectors (agribusiness, agri-finance, agri-logistics, etc.), academia, communities, as well as producers’ organizations and agri-food associations and networks. The project will last till December 2020.

The project aims to increase the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture for evidence-based strategic planning, implementation and monitoring. The World Bank provides strategic advisory support to the Ministry of Agriculture in: (1) the formulation of a draft Strategic Vision for the National Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy (NARDS) and a draft Strategic Vision for the Multiannual Aquaculture Development Plan (MADP) for the post-2020 period of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP); and (2) establish effective program implementation mechanisms under the future CAP and CFP.

Evidence-based strategic planning, implementation, and monitoring would enable the Ministry of Agriculture to better leverage significant EU CAP and CFP resources to complete the structural transformation of Croatia’s agri-food system and to accelerate the country’s economic convergence with other EU Member States.

The main activities of the project are grouped into 4 thematic components:

1. Spending and diagnostic analysis of agriculture, fisheries and rural development

Conducting a review of the efficiency, effectiveness and equity of public spending in agriculture, fisheries/aquaculture and rural development in Croatia will provide an evidence base for the Strategic Vision formulation. Linking actual public spending to revealed sector performance is a critical step towards supporting the Ministry of Agriculture in formulating theory of change-driven strategies and results monitoring frameworks with relevant indicators tracking progress towards strategic objectives. The public expenditure review will be supported by diagnostic analysis of agriculture, fisheries/aquaculture, and rural development in Croatia, as well as any previous evaluation carried out in these sectors in the country.

2. Supporting the formulation of a NARDS and a MADP post-2020

The World Bank will provide strategic advisory support to the Ministry of Agriculture in the formulation of agriculture and fisheries/aquaculture sector strategic visions that are based on existent knowledge of sector challenges and opportunities and respond to the new policy directions, established by the EU for the CAP and CFP. Established strategic visions formulation methodologies will be used, while priority setting and participatory approaches will bring together public and private sectors, as well as the academia, both at the national and sub-national levels. Participation ensures broader buy-in in the strategic vision formulation process and influences success in the piloting stage.

3. Roadmaps for the Strategic Visions of NARDS and MADP

The development of a roadmap is critical for the operationalization of the strategic visions and results frameworks embedded in the NARDS and the MADP, while also outlining roles and responsibilities in the process of achieving the strategic priorities for the sector within established budgets. Piloting innovative approaches included in the NARDS and the MADP will further validate them.

4. Pilot Projects

Facilitating the pilot testing of innovative approaches included in the NARDS and the MADP with producer organizations in Croatia will effectively link the strategic visions with action on the ground. The Bank team will provide technical assistance to the MoA on implementing the selected pilot projects promoting market linkages between producers and buyers and effective collaboration between the public and private sectors in the agriculture, rural development and aquaculture, in line with the proposed actions for the implementation of the NARDS and MADP strategic visions for Croatia.


Background Papers

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