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South-South Knowledge Exchange Activities with Brazil - Success Stories

July 17, 2015

The World Bank, and the Brazil Country Management Unit (CMU), have acknowledged the increasing importance of South-South Cooperation (S-SC), adopting measures to fuse exchanges more consistently into its services and products for client countries, keeping in mind the twin goals of boosting shared prosperity and reducing poverty. This section on successful experiences demonstrates the importance of this effort. Its objective is to showcase that South-South Cooperation works, giving specialists concrete indication on the capacity outcomes generated by the exchange, as well as its long-term value.

Discursive evidence generated in the past few years indicated that S-SC generated positive results, although quantitatively assessing the capacity-related improvements of these interactions was challenging due to the lack of a solid evaluation structure. In addition, few registered cases were available for showcasing outcome impacts of these exchanges on a broader development agenda.

In response, the World Bank began categorizing and documenting “results stories” of Bank-supported exchanges. The results stories posted on the World Bank’s S-SC website support the growing defense of South-South, and showcase the information openly for public usage. For further information, please go to https://wbi.worldbank.org/sske/results.

Following this outstanding model, Brazil CMU also started preparing successful cases to present the importance, as well as fruitful results, of S-SC in the country. Analyze the strategic background for each case in order to discover a story comparable to your situation or field of interest. Learn on how knowledge exchanges were built. Identify the outcomes of the exchanges and long-term impacts; check the lists of participants in order to see what institutions have know-how with knowledge exchange practices. Discover lessons learned from World Bank specialists and see how they may apply to you.

Further practical information for your exchange may also be found at the Q&A section of this site.