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AI Appeals Board

The AI Appeals Board considers appeals claiming that the World Bank has improperly or unreasonably restricted access to information that it would normally disclose under the Policy, after the AI Committee (first stage of appeal) has confirmed the World Bank’s decision to deny access.

The AI Appeals Board is an impartial body that considers second-stage appeals under the World Bank Policy on Access to Information. The AI Appeals Board consists of three independent, outside experts nominated by the World Bank's President and endorsed by the World Bank's Board of Executive Directors.

The AI Appeals Board members are appointed to serve a two-year term.

Appeals and other communications to the AI Appeals Board should be submitted through the case management system in Member Center, or to the Access to Information Secretariat either by email at, or by mail addressed to “Access to Information Secretariat, Mail Stop: MC 6-604, World Bank, 1818 H Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20433”.

The current AI Appeals Board members are:


Mr. Richard Calland, a South African national, specializes in the area of access to information.  He is the Founding Director of The African Climate Finance Hub, and an Associate Professor of Public Law, and the Director of Democratic Governance and Rights Unit, with the Faculty of Law, at University of Cape Town.  His experience also includes serving in various capacities with IDASA (Institute for Democracy in Africa), promoting “right to know” initiatives. (Member since 2012)


Mr. Kevin Dunion, a United Kingdom national, has extensive expertise in the area of access to information.  Prior to his current position as Honorary Professor and Executive Director of the Centre for Freedom of Information, School of Law, at the University of Dundee, Mr. Dunion served as the Scottish Information Commissioner, responsible for ensuring compliance by Scottish public authorities with the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004. (Member since 2012)

Ms. Cecelia Marie Espenoza, a United States national, is a veteran access to information legal professional. She has prior adjudicatory experience and was a law professor with expertise in immigration and criminal law matters. Her skills and knowledge support her duties as a World Bank AI Appeals Board member. (Member since 2015)