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NEWS February 14, 2022

Seeking Applications for Membership on the World Bank Group Sanctions Board for IBRD

The World Bank Group Sanctions Board is seeking to fill a position that will be vacated due to the end of incumbent's term.  A Selection Committee has been convened and will be chaired by Irina Kichigina, Deputy General Counsel, LEG who will be joined by Ceri Lawley, Chief Compliance Officer, IFC, Joerg Riecken, Chief Counsel, MIGA, Galina Mikhlin-Oliver, Chief Policy Officer, OPCS and Frank Fariello, Lead Counsel, LEG. The Terms of Reference may be found here.

Service on the Sanctions Board shall be governed by the Sanctions Board Statute and Code of Conduct for Members of the Sanctions Board, as may be amended from time to time, and the applicable Sanctions Procedures and any formal guidelines issued by the World Bank Group in respect of sanctions proceedings.

Members of the Sanctions Board shall be appointed by the Executive Directors for a single, non-renewable term of up to 6 years.  The Sanctions Board typically convenes for sessions twice per year and the work between sessions is intermittent, based on caseload.  Sanctions Board members must accept and be subject to the Code of Conduct for Members of the Sanctions Board, both during and after their term, which may limit post-service activities.  A pre-service conflicts-of-interest check will also be required.

Candidates must not currently hold any appointment to the staff of the Bank, IFC or MIGA and shall have relevant experience in law, anti-corruption and institutional integrity, international procurement, auditing, or related field. Direct experience with operations and systems within other international development institutions is highly desirable.

Interested candidates who believe they meet the selection criteria for the position are invited to submit their applications via below link by March 11, 2022:

·       Sanctions Board Member (req15188)

We welcome nominations of qualified candidates; any names for the positions can be sent to WB Executive Search at before March 11.

All inquiries from candidates will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.