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NEWS June 10, 2018

Retirement of Sanctions Board Member Catherine O’Regan

Ms. Kate O'Regan has served as an external member on the Sanctions Board since 2012 and has contributed to more than 40 final decisions in her years on this independent tribunal. Prior to joining the Sanctions Board, Ms. O'Regan, a national of South Africa, served as a Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa (1994-2009), the Chairperson of the United Nations Internal Justice Council (2008-2012), and an ad hoc judge of the Supreme Court of Namibia (2010-2016). Ms. O'Regan holds a B.A. and an LL.B from the University of Cape Town, an LL.M from the University of Sydney, and a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She is an Honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town and has been awarded numerous honorary degrees, including from the LSE and the University of South Africa.

Ms. O'Regan continues as the President of the International Monetary Fund Administrative Tribunal and recently joined the University of Oxford as the inaugural Director of its Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. Shortly prior to Ms. O'Regan's official retirement from the World Bank Group's Sanctions Board, the Executive Secretary to the Sanctions Board, Ms. Giuliana Dunham Irving, sat down with Ms. O'Regan for a personal interview to discuss the Sanctions Board's work and contributions.