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NEWS June 30, 2014

Issuance of Sanctions Board Decision No. 70

​Pursuant to Sanctions Board Decision No. 70 issued in Sanctions Case No. 206, the Sanctions Board imposes a sanction of debarment on CAA Communications & Accessories Int. GmbH (the “Respondent Firm”) and Mrs. Jane Burda (the “Respondent Business Manager”) with the possibility of conditional release after a minimum period of two (2) years and six (6) months. The Sanctions Board finds that it is more likely than not that the Respondents engaged in a corrupt practice as defined in Paragraph 1.14(a)(i) of the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement Under IBRD Loans And IDA Credits (published May 2004 and revised in October 2006) by making an improper payment to a procurement official under a Bank-financed project. The decision provides that the Respondents may be released from ineligibility only if they have met the conditions as specified in the decision.

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