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NEWS August 17, 2017

Appointment of Mr. Mark Kantor and Mr. Alejandro A. Escobar as MIGA Sanctions Board Members

The Sanctions Board Secretariat is pleased to announce the appointment of two new MIGA Sanctions Board Members – Mr. Mark Kantor and Mr. Alejandro A. Escobar. Mr. Kantor, a U.S. national, is formerly a partner at a large international law firm, and highly regarded as an arbitrator and mediator in commercial and investment disputes. Mr. Escobar, a U.S. and Chilean national, is formerly a Senior Counsel at ICSID and, is currently, a partner at a large international law firm and arbitrator in investment treaty disputes. Mr. Kantor and Mr. Escobar bring a wealth of experience in cross-border private sector dispute resolution, are familiar with non-commercial guarantees, and have a professional and personal reputation for impartiality and integrity. Information on all current Sanctions Board Members is available here.

The Secretariat would like to take this opportunity to express sincere appreciation for the distinguished contributions of the two outgoing Sanctions Board Members, Mr. Bernard Hanotiau and Mr. Anne van't Veer, who have served on the Sanctions Board since its establishment in 2007.