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What happens when I submit a complaint to the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT)?

Why should I report a concern?

INT investigations rely heavily on the information that we receive, so we encourage people involved in activities supported by World Bank funds to report suspected fraud or corruption.

If you have information that involves possible fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion or obstruction in World Bank-supported activities or against World Bank staff, the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) may be able to help address your concerns. 

How do I report?

The Integrity Complaint Form is the best way to send a report to INT. When you click on the link to the form, you will be taken to a secure website managed by INT. Please make sure to provide a detailed summary of your concerns or allegations. The “Guide Questions” can help you fill out the form. You also have the option to upload supporting documents when you submit the form.

Can World Bank staff report through the online form?

Yes. World Bank staff are encouraged to report concerns about sanctionable practices or staff misconduct through the online form. This form ensures that information reaches INT’s complaint assessment team immediately so that it can be addressed quickly. Submitting a complaint via the online form also ensures that all relevant project and contract data are collected and that all attachments are part of the record. Staff can also share the link to the form with external parties.

What happens after I make a report? 

If you report through the online form, you will be provided with a reference number on the screen after you submit the form. Please mention this reference number every time you submit additional information or communications related to the same complaint.

If your report is about possible fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion or obstruction in World Bank-supported activities or against World Bank staff, someone from INT will contact you directly using the contact information that you have provided. It is very important that you provide INT with an email address that you check regularly or a phone number you use. If you are concerned about the privacy of your email address, you may want to create an email account that only you have access to for the purposes of communicating with INT.  

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. INT will still review your integrity complaint (regarding possible fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion or obstruction in World Bank-supported activities or against World Bank staff) even if you wish to remain anonymous. Please provide us with at least an email address so that we may be able to contact you for additional information or clarification. Email works best.

Is my report confidential?

All information provided to INT is treated with the appropriate confidentiality. If you request to be treated as a confidential witness, INT will not disclose information that may reveal your identity.  If you are worried about confidentiality or safety, please describe your specific concerns to INT in your submission.

Other Resources

The Ethics and Business Conduct Department (EBC) addresses other allegations of World Bank staff misconduct, focusing on workplace grievances (e.g., harassment and retaliation) and other violations of Bank policies. EBC can be reached here:

For concerns pertaining to project-affected communities, please contact the Grievance Redress Service of the World Bank:

For requests of project information, documents and data, statistics and publications please see: Access to Information.

For verification of employment for World Bank employees, please contact World Bank's Human Resources Service Center: (202) 473-2222 or

Beware of Scams.  INT does not have the jurisdiction to investigate email scams that misuse the World Bank name or logo.  Please contact local law enforcement authorities if you believe you have been a victim of this type of fraud. Further information on these types of scams: