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International Corruption Hunters Alliance

ICHA Forum 2023

The World Bank Group’s International Corruption Hunters Alliance (ICHA) is a global platform that expands the dialogue on cutting edge anti-corruption issues such as bribery, conflicts of interest, and misappropriation of funds.

While corruption persists in all countries, high levels of corruption in developing economies can slow overall growth, increase costs, and reduce access to basic services, hurting poor and vulnerable citizens the most.

To collectively advance the fight against corruption, ICHA biennially brings together the people who are working on the front lines to stop corruption in their countries, including anti-corruption agency heads and directors of public prosecution or investigations. With more than 100 countries represented, members gather to jointly analyze national and global developments and to exchange information critical to the success of their work.

Most importantly, ICHA strives to bridge the gap between dialogue and action and showcase knowledge from all corners of the world. Plenary sessions and high-level dialogue are augmented by 20-30 working sessions which cover topics such as risks in supply chains; integrity compliance programs; forensic audit techniques; the link between tax evasion and corruption; asset tracing and recovery; whistleblower mechanisms; and the role of the private sector in combating corruption. Experts in related fields, such as investigative journalism and big data, provide participants with a broadened perspective about additional tools that can be successful in combatting corruption.

Keynote speakers at ICHA events have used their influence and ICHA’s platform to draw attention to the many ways in which corruption impacts society. Past speakers include former President of France François Hollande, Prince William, and Jürgen Stock, Secretary General of INTERPOL, as well as ministers of development, youth and representatives from across the spectrum of international organizations and academia.