Private Sector Liaison Officers

The Private Sector Liaison Officers Network (PSLO Network) is a network of over 155 business intermediary organizations in more than 98 countries, designed to facilitate World Bank Group (WBG) communications with the private sector.

PSLOs are based in and appointed by business intermediary organizations (chambers of commerce and industry, business and trade associations, investment promotion agencies) that are members of the Network. The PSLOs are not funded by, nor are they employees of the WBG.

The role of the PSLO includes: facilitating local companies’ contact with the WBG and access to WBG business opportunities; acting as the voice of their national private sector in advising the WBG on how to better engage companies on development issues; and disseminating WBG knowledge and research of interest to the private sector.

PSLOs organize a number of events throughout the world with the support of the WBG, including:

  • Business Opportunities Seminars: presentations on World Bank (WB) Procurement, IFC co-financing, and MIGA guarantees;
  • Joint private sector delegations  to WBG headquarters in Washington (usually sector-specific with companies from several countries);
  • Business Missions to the Field:  joint delegations of companies from several countries to WBG client countries including  meetings with WBG Country offices, government project implementing agencies, and Business-to-Business meetings with local companies;
  • Private sector consultations on WBG corporate policies
  • WBG report presentations (i.e. annual Doing Business report)

PSLO Training

The WBG organizes PSLO Retreats in Washington DC and Europe to allow PSLOs to further develop their knowledge and understanding of WBG products and services, discuss development topics of interest to the private sector, and foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration among network members.  

The WBG also holds regular webinars on select topics of interest to the private sector. Webinars are open to all and recordings are available under the PSLO Webinars page.

For additional information on the program, you may contact the PSLO team.



    There are two main entry points for doing business with the World Bank Group:

    For Exporters

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