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Valentina Saltane

Valentina Saltane

Senior Private Sector Development Specialist, Business Ready (B-READY)

Development Economics

Valentina Saltane is a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist at DECIG where she works for the Business Ready (B-READY) project. Ms. Saltane primarily supervises Market Competition, International Trade and Labor topics. Ms. Saltane held team leader (TTL) positions in several other initiatives, including Doing Business in Agriculture, Actionable Regulatory Indicators in the European Union, Migration and the Law, and Global Indicators of Regulatory Governance projects. In addition, she co-authored three Access to Finance reports, an OGP report on Good Governance, Sweden’s Business Climate reports, Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy report and six research papers on the subjects of business regulation, capital markets and access to finance. Before joining the World Bank Group, Ms. Saltane worked at the Law and Economic Consulting Group in New York City and prior to that she was a program coordinator at the World Resources Institute. Ms. Saltane holds an MPA with a concentration in economic development from the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. 

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