World Bank’s Operations Manager for Brazil

Sophie Naudeau

World Bank’s Operations Manager for Brazil

Sophie Naudeau is the Operations Manager for Brazil since August 2020. She is based in Brasilia and is primarily responsible for the monitoring and performance of the overall portfolio of World Bank-financed projects in Brazil, including at federal, state, and municipal levels. She also leads strategic engagements at country level and manages the day-to-day operation of the World Bank office in Brasilia.

Since joining the World Bank in 2005, Ms. Naudeau worked in the East Asia, Middle East, and Africa regions, as well as in the Children and Youth Unit of the World Bank's Human Development Network. She held different positions throughout this period, including Program Leader for Human Development; Global Lead for Early Childhood Development (ECD); and Senior Education Specialist. Her work focused on analyzing the opportunities and challenges that low-income children, youth, and families face across regions; developing and implementing projects that respond to the specific needs of these populations; preparing knowledge products; and designing impact evaluations across a range of low- and middle-income countries (including in Indonesia, Cambodia, Mozambique, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Morocco, Senegal, and Serbia, among others).

Prior to joining the World Bank, Ms. Naudeau coordinated non-governmental programs for refugee children and youth in post conflict societies and engaged in various research and teaching projects. She holds a PhD in Child Development from Tufts University (2005), a M.A. in International Development from Sorbonne University (1996), and a M.A. in Economics and Political Sciences from the Paris Institute of Political Sciences - Sciences-Po (1995).

  • Education
  • Human Development
  • Children & Youth