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Sandra Rozo

Sandra Rozo is a Senior Economist in the Poverty and Inequality Team of the Development Research Group at the World Bank. Her research centers on exploring the effects of forced migration within hosting economies and of the role of public policies in supporting these migrants and their hosting communities. Her work aims to advance our knowledge in three areas: (i) the economic and political impacts of forced migration in developing countries and the mechanisms driving those effects, (ii) the impacts of humanitarian interventions that aim at supporting migrants and locals, and (iii) how to increase social cohesion between migrants and locals. Some of her recent research papers have been published in the Journal of Labor Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, and the Journal of Development Economics. Recent research projects include collecting a representative sample of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia to evaluate the impacts of a large amnesty offered to undocumented migrants. She is also part of the research team collecting the Syrian Life Refugee Study, the first representative panel of Syrian refugees being presently collected in Jordan and has also been recently implementing experiments to reduce prejudice and improve prosocial behaviors toward migrants. Sandra is also an IZA research fellow, a CEGA-UC Berkeley faculty affiliate, and a USC-CESR research fellow.


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