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Mirco Balatti

Photo of Mirco Balatti, World Bank


Development Economics

Mirco Balatti is an Economist in the World Bank’s Prospects Group, where he conducts research, analysis, and forecasting of the global economic environment. His main research interests include macroeconomics and monetary economics, international economics, financial economics, and quantitative methods. Prior to joining the World Bank, he held an economist position in the international directorate at the European Central Bank, where he worked across various departments since 2017. His contributions include the BEAR Toolbox, the ECB-Multi-Country (MC) model, the Banking Euro Area Stress Test (BEAST) model, and the 2020 ECB’s Strategy Review. In addition to his work in international institutions, Mirco has experience in academia and the industry. He taught at the ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, and held positions at Borsa Italiana and Citibank. Mirco holds a PhD from the ICMA Centre, Henley Business School and was a visiting scholar at Northwestern University.