Bob Rijkers

Senior Economist, Development Economics

Bob Rijkers is a Senior Economist in the Trade and International Integration Unit of the Development Research Group. He is interested in political economy, trade and labor market issues. Since joining the World Bank full-time in 2008, he has worked in the Poverty Reduction Anchor of the PREM network, the Macroeconomics and Growth Unit of the Development Economics Research Group and the Office of the Chief Economist of the Middle East and Northern Africa region. He holds a BA in Science and Social Sciences from University College Utrecht, Utrecht University and an M.Phil. and D.Phil. in Economics from the University of Oxford.

Featured Research
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    Policy Research Talk: Detecting Corruption and State Capture

    October 2019
    Corruption is a crucial development challenge, but, by its very nature, difficult to detect. In this Policy Research Talk, Bob Rijkers discussed new methods to detect grand corruption via three case studies: Tunisia under Ben Ali; customs in Madagascar; and elite capture of international aid.
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  • Private Sector Development
  • Inequality and Shared Prosperity