Invoicing and Payment


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The World Bank Group’s Accounts Payable processes invoices, vendor payments and related accounting services for corporate goods and services procured by WBG organizations following best in class commercial practices and systems.


Instructions on how to submit your invoice are outlined in your contract or purchase order.  If you were not issued a purchase order, please contact your World Bank Group representative or point of contact for further assistance.

An invoice submitted to World Bank Group (WBG) Accounts Payable department should:

  1. Be in PDF or TIF file format only
  2. Include (i) Purchase Order (PO) or contract number (and item number where applicable), (ii) description of the goods and/or services, (iii) quantities, unit price, and totals, and (iv) remittance bank information
  3. Be sent as a single attachment that includes invoice and any supporting documentation.

Do not combine multiple invoices in a single attachment or send in a file format other than PDF or TIF to avoid payment processing delays.   


The World Bank Group leverages multiple channels and methods to process payments to its vendors, including but not limited to, global electronic fund transfers and local payments.

Vendors are expected to provide their current bank account information via the Vendor Kiosk portal to enable the WBG to remit payment for invoices. Vendors are responsible for: (i) providing accurate and complete remittance information and required supporting documents (ii) ensuring that necessary arrangements are in place with their banking institution to facilitate receipt of WBG’s payments; (iii) covering any fees or other charges imposed on them by their banking institution as a result of WBG’s payments.

Vendors must submit changes in remittance bank details through the Vendor Kiosk portal prior to submitting the invoice. If access to the portal is needed, an email to the Accounting team must be sent by the vendor contact listed on the PO/Contract. The request should include: 

  1. PO or Contract number
  2. The full name, official email address and position of the company’s representative responsible for oversight of World Bank Group payments; and
  3. The full name and official email of your company’s point of contact within World Bank Group.

Vendors should ensure that the information of the representative(s) assigned for payment oversight and accessing the portal for invoice and bank update purposes is current and valid.  It is the vendors responsibility to promptly notify the WBG when their representative’s access needs to be reassigned or revoked.

The World Bank Group manages the timing of the release of vendor invoice payments in accordance with contractual payment terms. The WBG will pay vendors within thirty (30) days   from the date of the receipt of a correctly submitted invoice and the remittance banking information being available in the Vendor Kiosk portal, unless otherwise stated in the contract’s payment terms.

In some cases, payments in certain countries are managed locally by specific country office specialists, and do not require vendor bank details to be updated via the WBG Vendor Kiosk portal.  For payments to these countries, please provide the remittance bank information to the applicable WBG point of contact along with the invoice.

Payment Status

Vendors may check the status of their invoices and payment details on the Vendor Kiosk portal.  For any other payment-related questions, please contact your World Bank Group representative or point of contact who will direct you to Accounting.