Egypt Food Security and Resilience Support Project (FSRSP) Poverty and Social Impact Assessment

  • ISSUE DATE AND TIME: Jun 03,2023 03:19
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Jun 12,2023 23:59

The objective is to conduct studies under the Egypt Food Security and Resilience Support Project (FSRSP) to inform potential reforms of the bread subsidy program and incentives mechanisms in the wheat value chain. The two proposed studies are: i) A poverty and social impact assessment (PSIA); and ii) Price incentives analysis.The PSIA will analyze and inform reforming and better targeting of the near-universal Bread Subsidy Program. The PSIA will assess the distributional impact of the bread subsidy within a population in terms of various socio-economic indicators. This analytical work will aim to build on the work of the WB Human Development Public Expenditure Review (HD PER). See Annex 1 for proposed PSIA outline. The price incentives analysis will analyze how the policy and market environment in the wheat value chain affect prices for different agents (producers; millers; traders; and consumers) along the wheat value chain. The driving factors of price (dis)incentives will be explored. The findings of the analysis will help inform and suggest politically feasible policy options for improving incentives to promote efficient and sustainable market-oriented wheat value chain; while keeping prices of bread affordable for consumers; especially considering the decades-long social contract between the government and its citizens to provide a cheap source of bread to the poor and vulnerable segments of the population. The activity will define the tradeoffs among various policy and support options. See Annex 2 for technical guidance on the price incentives analysis.The two pieces of analytical work will jointly inform whether reforms to the bread subsidy program could contribute to reducing distortions in the wheat value chain; improving food security; and promoting a sustainable agriculture sector. This is especially important if the different options potentially available to improve targeting of the program could create more space for the market to operate along the wheat value chain.

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