Detailed Feasibility Study – Solid Waste Management Medellin

  • ISSUE DATE AND TIME: May 30,2023 05:36
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Jun 15,2023 23:59

IFC seeks to contract a specialized consulting firm or a consortium of firms (the “Consultant”) to conduct the Detailed Feasibility Study of the Waste Treatment Project in Medellin. The Detailed Feasibility Study to be conducted under this contract is the last phase of the analysis stage before the implementation of the Client’s Waste Treatment Project. The study will build on the Pre-feasibility Study previously completed and will also be informed by the Transaction Structure Analysis[1] <>  currently underway.This Consultancy has the following objectives:1.      Confirm the understanding of the estimated quantities, composition, and physical and chemical characteristics of the solid waste expected to be delivered to the treatment facility/ies, carried out across two seasons to account for climate seasonality. 2.    Detailed evaluation and comparison of the two scenarios shortlisted in the Pre-feasibility Study with respect to their technical, legal, regulatory, economic, environmental, social, and financial viability. This includes an update of the financial assessment, providing the Client with a comprehensive comparison between scenarios 1 and 2, for informed decision-making regarding which scenario to move forward with. 3.     Reach the next level of detail in all areas analyzed in the pre-feasibility of the selected scenario determined in objective 2 above, allowing the Project to move to the procurement structuring and implementation phase. This includes the development of a detailed financial model based on the selected Scenario and the Transaction Structure Analysis Report[2] <>  and recommendations for financing, procurement, and implementation of the Project. 4.     Undertake a comprehensive topographic survey for the identified area (La Pradera Landfill or another site as determined by EPM’s Alternative Analysis Study (DAA)) to facilitate preparation for the selected Waste Treatment Project. This includes conducting an intrusive Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Study of the site intended to develop the selected facility.This Consultancy contemplates the following Phases and Components:Consultancy PHASE 1Component 1 – WASTE COMPOSITION AND CHARACTERIZATION STUDYComponent 2 – FINAL SCENARIO ANALYSISConsultancy PHASE 2Component 3 – DETAILED FEASIBILITY STUDYComponent 4 – TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY AND DETAILED GEOTECHNICAL STUDY OF SITE[1] <>  The Transaction Structure Study will analyze viable transaction structure/s to enable the Client to develop the Project, including its legal scheme and financial structure, the procedures and permits, and the stakeholders involved in the procurement, building, operation, and financing.[2] <>  To be made available to Consultant once it is finalized.

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