Direct facility financing for lower-levels of health facilities in PNG

  • ISSUE DATE AND TIME: May 30,2023 05:36
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Jun 22,2023 23:59

The research consultancy will have two key tasks. The first is refinement of the research questions and design of the methodology, including proposed sampling. It is envisaged that the researcher will survey at least four health facilities in four provinces located in each region. The proposed provinces to include are  East New Britain, Chimbu, Morobe and Milne Bay, though this is subject to discussion with the research institute or firm. Different facilities (urban/rural and government/church-run) will be reviewed to support with identifying what types of direct facility funding should be applied. The second task is to carry out the research across locations in PNG, to collate and analyze findings and to produce a synthesis report. Further details on the expected activities are provided overleaf. NDOH will support the research consultancy with access/liaison with the health interviewees, where needed.  Task 1: Refinement of research questions and development of research methodology *Work with the World Bank and National Department of Health to refine the research questions as needed.*Design the research methodology to be used and the selection of proposed facilities to be surveyed. The sample size and approach will be discussed and agreed between the researcher, NDOH and the World Bank. *Develop a workplan for the duration of the assignment.*Produce research tools and review the tools prior to commencement of the research. *Attend a workshop/meeting with NDOH and the World Bank early on in the process to ensure that all parties are clear on the objectives of the research, approach and desired outcomes. The workshop/meeting will take place prior to any fieldwork.  Task 2: Survey of health facilities, analysis and write-up of findings *       Carry out a survey of health facilities utilizing the research tools produced under phase 1 of the assignment. The use of technology e.g. Tupaia app (or similar) as a research tool to record the results and aid analysis should be explored. *       Keep the World Bank and National Department of Health up to date on the progress in eliciting findings. An Officer from NDoH may accompany the researchers in the collection of data. *       Collate and analyze findings from several different health facilities.Produce a synthesis report that incorporates findings and recommendations from several different health facilities 1.                    

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