Pilot to Promote Socially Sustainable Practices in Uzbekistan’s Textile Clusters

  • ASSIGNMENT LOCATION: Republic of Uzbekistan
  • ISSUE DATE AND TIME: Feb 13,2023 05:00
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Feb 28,2023 04:59

Uzbekistan has entered a new phase of diversifying and growing the economy to generate economic opportunities and decent jobs along the cotton value chain. Opportunities are emerging for global brands and investors to source cotton products from Uzbekistan and invest in the garment and textile sector.  The textile and garment sector has the potential to create decent jobs for hundreds of thousands of workers, especially women.  This assignment will support the Government of Uzbekistan (GoU) with realizing these opportunities while (i) supporting responsible sourcing of cotton products and exports along the cotton value chain; and (ii) strengthening the capacity of state and non-state actors to raise awareness of and support socially, environmentally and financially sustainable practices in the processing/manufacturing parts of the cotton value chain. The objectives of this Project are to: *Improve awareness and adherence to labor rights within textile clusters to enable them to attract responsible investments from the global textile brands;*Support the inclusion of rural women and persons with disabilities into jobs in textile clusters through (i) training employers on non-discriminatory hiring and recruitment; and (ii) a communications campaign to encourage the hiring of persons with disabilities and women; *Promote competitiveness of the garment and textile sector through outreach to global brands and demonstration of adherence to labor rights within the clusters;*Support the Government with sustaining the gains achieved with labor rights in cotton production; *Strengthen the capacity of civil society activists to monitor labor rights across the value chain including in the 2023 cotton harvest and support dialogue between the civil society activists and the GoU; and*Strengthen the capacity of labor inspectors to monitor labor rights.                        

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