Audio Visual Support Services for the World Bank's Paris Conference Center

  • ISSUE DATE AND TIME: Sep 13,2022 00:00
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Oct 25,2022 00:00

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development hereinafter referred to as “WBG”, invites Proposals from Offerors interested in providing audio visual support services for the World Bank's Paris Conference Center. 

Scope of Work

The World Bank Group’s (WBG) Global Corporate Solutions Food and Conference Services (GCSFC) team is responsible for the on-site management of events including the operational oversight of audiovisual technology in the WBG’s event spaces as well as the associated support services to ensure high quality user experiences during these meetings and events.  

The WBG is seeking a complete staffing solution required to support the audiovisual equipment and event facilities at its Paris Conference Center, located at:  

 64/66 Avenue, d’Iéna 75116 Paris, France. 

Public parking is available outside the building.

This requirement does not cover the purchase of audiovisual equipment. 

The WBG is sensitive to the rapidly changing landscape for the use of visual and audio communication technology, automated systems and capabilities, monitor/management software and help desk support approaches, agile work and meeting environments, and sustainability practices. The objective of the Statement of Work (SOW) is to:

a)Provide the background and statistical information as well the WBG’s current environment of audiovisual capabilities and meetings and event facilities.

b)Explain the WBG’s business objectives and vision.

c)Define the scope of services, with the expectation that the selected vendor shall provide a streamlined, cost-efficient solution, for managing all required services in accordance with the established performance levels. This includes providing fully qualified professional staff who are properly aligned to support the demand for on-site meetings and events over the life of the contract.  

d)Obtain from vendors a clear understanding of how businesses are leveraging technology for hybrid meetings and events because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WBG’s expectation is that the Contractor will provide cost efficiencies for staff resource management, leverage technology and innovation, sustain a high standard for quality of customer service, and ultimately help the WBG meet its business objectives.  This includes ensuring continuity of audiovisual services, equipment performance and maintenance, and providing a forward-thinking business strategy that guides and supports the WBG through any transition periods to leverage technology upgrades, system implementations and staffing resource support.

The WBG requires a vendor whose staffing approach offers a reserve pool of qualified staff resources with skills, experience and knowledge that can be leveraged to supplement the WBG’s high demand periods. 

The vendor’s service approach, experience with organizations of like size and audiovisual requirements, knowledge of audiovisual equipment and systems, the breadth of audiovisual service skills of the proposed staff, and cost to value ratio will be significant factors in the vendor selection. 


The solicitation may be obtained by sending an email to the designated Category Manager, referencing the following information: 

1. Solicitation Number 

2. Company Name 

3. Contact Person Name and Title 

4. Address 

5. Telephone Number 

7. Contact's Email Address 


A copy of the solicitation will be sent to organizations that have replied to and are eligible to receive this advertisement. All requests and questions regarding this solicitation shall be directed to the following designated Corporate Procurement Category Manager(s):

Marilyn Davy ( and Stefan Kotupov: ( 


The WBG reserves the right to publicly disclose contract award information, including but not limited to, name of company receiving the award, brief description of services, and contract award amount, for any contract award valued over US$250,000. Offeror's proposal and contractual documents will remain confidential and therefore not subject to disclosure.

The World Bank reserves the right to reject any or all responses without recourse.

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