• ISSUE DATE AND TIME: Jan 30,2019 09:00
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Feb 15,2019 23:45
The Global Partnership for Education is seeking a qualified vendor to assist in the rebuilding of its website to coincide with an upgrade to the latest stable version of Drupal as approved by the World Bank’s Office of Information Security.



The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) works with 65+ developing countries to ensure that every child receives a quality basic education, prioritizing the poorest, the most vulnerable and those living in fragile and conflict-affected countries. GPE mobilizes financing for education and supports developing countries to build effective education systems founded on evidence-based planning and policies.

The Global Partnership for Education is seeking a qualified vendor to assist in the rebuilding of its website at to coincide with an upgrade to the latest stable version of Drupal as approved by the World Bank’s Office of Information Security.

Additionally, ongoing maintenance and support of the GPE website and MailChimp platform is required.


The primary objective of this RFP is to engage a qualified vendor for rebuilding the GPE website within but not limited to a range of the following services:

·         Work with GPE and host provider in developing a strategy to assume control over website updates, code and workflow;

·         Perform thorough code structure audit and plugin review to determine options and strategy for migrating the GPE multilingual website to the latest stable version of Drupal;

·         Review the staging and production setup and work with hosting vendor to optimize and improve or create workflows;

·         Work with GPE web team on the integration of provided new website design templates and information architecture (IA) to coincide with the Drupal upgrade;

·         Suggest a possible move/re-code from Bootstrap to Semantic UI, UIKit or another front-end framework;

·         Provide ongoing support for issues and new development tasks;

·         Provide exceptional support for the website and associated platforms (in particular Mailchimp), including outside normal working hours, for special GPE events and initiatives;

·         Provide weekly status reports on projects, tasks, and website performance;

·         Provide ongoing assistance with GPE’s well-established accounts in Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, and Data Studio.

·         Work directly with hosting provider to provide upgrades and install patches to the website platform on an ongoing basis;

·         Ensure website remains accessible in all viewport sizes, loads quickly, and works well with older technology/browsers to support GPE users in developing countries;

·         Support GPE Web Developer when responding to World Bank’s Office of Information Security as well as the host provider for technical queries about the GPE website;

·         Perform site monitoring and monitor alerts;

·         Provide 24/7 support for emergencies (regular support is only expected during normal GPE working hours);

·         Work with GPE Web Developer to ensure updates to the website meet approval in a staging environment prior to making the updates live;

·         Perform/implement bug fixes quickly and reliably;

·         Establish and maintain a quality assurance process or set of processes to ensure the quality of deliverables meet GPE expectations prior to delivering updates for the GPE Web Team for review.

·         Provide support with Mailchimp to ensure continued integration of email marketing with website publication schedules.


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