Refurbishment and Renovation Services for the WBG Office in Papua New Guinea

  • ISSUE DATE AND TIME: Jul 26,2018 08:00
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Aug 15,2018 10:00
Refurbishment and Renovation Services for the WBG Office in Papua New Guinea


The World Bank Group (World Bank) invites Proposals from qualified Offerors interested in providing Refurbishment and Renovation Services for the World Bank Office in Papua New Guinea.

Scope of Work

This project is to provide refurbishment and fit-out works for the WBG offices in Papua New Guinea.

The General Contractor shall perform the works according to the design specifications, drawings, standard condition, procurement requirements, and construction schedule. The General Contractor shall provide all the required government permits before construction and as-build documentation at the completion of the project, training and warranties.

Firms must meet all the mandatory criteria outlined below to be considered as eligible for technical evaluation:

1. Offeror has a minimum related revenue/sale of USD 3 Million per annum on average for each of the last three (3) years (2015 to 2017) in Papua New Guinea.

2. Offeror has the financial capability to successfully complete this Project.

3. Offeror must be registered and is authorized to engage in Architectural, Civil and Interior Works as Contractor in Papua New Guinea. Offeror has been in business for at least five years.

4. Offeror has for 5 years successfully and continuously been engaged as General Contractor providing such service for Project of similar size (scope and scale) and nature of this solicitation in Papua New Guinea.

5. Offeror has not been involved in any litigation action in the past 5 years which resulted in damages being awarded to the litigant, based on either failure to perform or poor performance.

6. Any other Criteria included on the RFP Documentation.

The World Bank Group (WBG) will disclose or exchange certain proprietary and confidential information, and they desire that the recipient keep such information confidential, and use it only in connection with the following purposes: To participate in a RFP process whereby, Offeror will be given access to the relevant WBG internal “Official Use Only” or “Confidential” documents. A signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be required prior to releasing the solicitation. Parties will receive the NDA via email and will be required to return the signed NDA prior to receiving the solicitation documentation.

The solicitation may be obtained by sending an email to the designated Category Manager, referencing the following information:

1.   Solicitation Number

2.   Company Name

3.   Contact Person Name and Title

4.   Address

5.   Telephone Number

6.   Fax Number

7.   Contact's Email Address

A copy of the solicitation will be sent to organizations that have replied to and are eligible to receive this advertisement. All requests and questions regarding this solicitation shall be directed to the following designated Category Manager:

Mohamed Khaled El Nady @

Subject to the exceptions of the respective information disclosure policies, for any contract award valued at and over US$250,000 made after July 1, 2013, the World Bank Group reserves the right to publicly disclose contract award information – specifically, the name of vendor receiving the award, a brief description of the contract goods or services, and the contract award amount. Vendor's proposal and contractual documents will remain confidential and therefore not subject to disclosure.

The World Bank reserves the right to reject any or all responses without recourse