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Healthcare Advocacy Services

  • Solicitation Number: RFI NO. 18-0288
  • Issue Date: Feb 16,2018
  • Closing Date: Mar 15,2018


The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Finance Corporation hereinafter referred to as “WBG” invites interested parties to respond to a Request for Information (RFI) for Healthcare Advocacy Services. This RFI is issued for obtaining information about market conditions and vendor capabilities, which will allow WBG to refine its requirements for any Request for Proposal (RFP) process involving this subject matter. This process will also allow WBG to better understand what products are currently available in the commercial marketplace.

The WBG does not intend to award a contract based on this RFI or to otherwise pay for the information solicited. The WBG reserves the right to defer or cancel the RFI without penalty. Based upon the information obtained through the RFI process, WBG will determine whether or not to proceed with a formal RFP process, through which a contract would be awarded in a manner consistent with WBG Procurement Policy.

The RFI for Healthcare Advocacy Services may be obtained by sending an email to the designated Category Manager, referencing the following information:

1. RFI 18-0288

2. Company Name

3. Contact Person Name and Title

4. Address

5. Telephone Number

6. Contact's Email Address

A copy of the solicitation will be sent to organizations that have replied to and are eligible to receive this advertisement. All requests and questions regarding this solicitation shall be directed to the following designated Corporate Procurement Contract Officer:

Celena Cochrane at ccochrane@worldbank.org (mailto:ccochrane@worldbank.org)

The WBG reserves the right to publicly disclose contract award information, including but not limited to, name of company receiving the award, brief description of services, and contract award amount, for any contract award valued over US$250,000.  Offeror's proposal and contractual documents will remain confidential and therefore not subject to disclosure. 

The World Bank reserves the right to reject any or all responses without recourse.